Thursday, June 30, 2016

Parade of Finishes

This week I have an assortment of finished quilts for Covered in Love.  One is the orphan block quilt I started a few weeks ago, the others were donated to me as tops that I backed and quilted.

Quilting with my new machine, Schuyler, is a delight.  I am able to move the quilts freely with the deep throat space and to go very fast.  I plug my earbuds into my computer to listen to TV shows or podcasts and away I go.  The quilt on the right above is my orphan block quilt, it got a basic stipple.

This split 9s top was given to my by a local quilter. I noticed one block is in backwards. I decided that was a feature rather than a bug and based my quilting around it, starting diagonal through that block and then spiraling out around it.  Strangely, the backward block is much more apparent in the photos than in person.  I really like this quilt; the colors are so bold and bright.

The scrappy color block quilt on the right above was a top sent in by Rosemarie; I quilted it with spirals.  The black and white split nine patch was another donation by a local quilter; I quilted it with a ripple-like elongated stipple.

I've used this long stipple before but I want to keep practicing with it. You can see the pattern better on the back. (I think Cynthia sent me this yardage to use for backing. Thanks!)  Thank you to everyone who continues to support Covered in Love! The July block drive is now live for anyone who would like to sew a block or ten to support us :)  This month it's a free-for-all making patriotic stars!

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  1. Yay! I knew you would find a good home for that backing. The black and white quilt top was perfect :)

  2. Fabulous finishes, one and all!! I think the "backward" block really makes that Split Nine Patch... otherwise, it would have bee TOO predictable!!

  3. wow you have been busy - I love all the triangles, and that flipped block is perfect, it just makes the quilt somehow!

  4. OOh I really love the black and white print one! Nice work on all the finishes :)