Thursday, June 24, 2021

With a Little Help From my Friends

Top by Beth, pattern "Wanda" by GE Designs, quilted by me

More quilts finished this week from tops sent in by generous quilters!  Covered in Love is rapidly approaching 1000 quilts.  Do you guys have any suggestions how we should celebrate? 

Top by Beth, pattern "Hope" by GE Designs, quilted by me

When we hit 300 back in January of 2018 I had a giveaway along with the block drive, which seems like a good idea.  

Top by Beth, pattern "Toni" by GE Designs, quilted by me

The pace of quilts this spring has obviously been much faster than usual.  This is due to several things.  H2H (51 quilts and counting!) and the increasing number of long-armers helping to get quilts done (hello Linda, Pam, Ray, Mel, Wendy, and Cynthia!)

Also, Tammy being an absolute angel and taking over the May/June drive so that I had several solid months to work nothing but the January QAYG blocks and quilting donated tops.  

Fabulously scrappy 9 patch by Priscilla, quilted by me

This season of high-production won't last forever so I am stashing finished quilts for the future to gradually bring up to the hospital.

Novelty plus quilt by Priscilla, quilted by me

I am having a need for backing fabrics again.  After my appeal last summer I got so many yards of fabrics that I have been able to back the dozens and dozens, probably hundreds, of quilts that have been finished in the past few months.  

Jelly roll race by Priscilla, quilted by me

I have, finally, more or less depleted my stash of backing fabrics though.  Specifically, I have plenty of pink, brown, and neutral. I need black and colors other than pink (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).

Scrappy leaves by Priscilla, quilted by me

We do have some financial donations which I can use to buy backing, and I have bought some, but I wanted to let you know about the need since some of you have told me you have too much fabric to use in a lifetime ageing on your shelves.

The last three quilts in this post are Mina's signature "Scrappy Village" tops.  The pattern is a Bonnie Hunter one found here.  The variety and all the novelty fabrics are my favorite things about these. This first one I backed with Texas A&M fabric and bound with sports fabrics.

For this next one I went with pink backing and binding. As you can see, my quilting assistant was very helpful with the photography.  

Third village quilt, this one got a Christmas backing that says "Blah, blah, Humbug" and a matching striped blue binding.  By my best count, Mina has sent 21 of these village quilts to CiL.  I know I've said it before, but I love them because of the "it takes a village" aspect to them, and the idea of a village supporting each other.

Thank you all! Let me know how we should celebrate 1000 quilts. And enjoy this super cute video of a snuggly Sundae.

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 800 so far! During May/June Tammy is hosting our block drive on her blog.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  2. Kat oh my what a wonderful post! You have so many beauties that I love them all. The jelly roll was such a nice surprise too. It’s classic and so pretty, it’s incredible that we have you reaching 1000. Did you ever imagine this would be possible? I thought it could be fun to celebrate by giving a color scheme and letting each block be a surprise. This way the quilts would be sampler quilts.I think those could result in very fun designs. Another idea might be friendship quilts with each block having a word, name or state of origin written right on the block. Regardless of what you choose, this is certainly a huge milestone. You have created something so wonderful with CIL. I hope you are incredibly proud of what you have accomplished!

  3. That's fabulous how many quilts you have gotten done!

  4. That is an amazing milestone!!!!
    I will be searching my stash this weekend for backing fabrics!!

  5. Awesome quilts, Kat! Hmm... What to do for the 1000 quilt mark? I might be able to help with a giveaway of some sort.

  6. You've posted just a beautiful assortment of colorful quilts this week. They will be loved for sure. 1000 quilts since 2015 is totally AWESOME! I found you about a year after you started CiL & I have to say I'm amazed at what you (& your volunteers) have done in this short period of time.
    I'll try to find some backing fabric for you (along with some pre-made binding) to send you in my next package.
    Fudge is really putting the "eagle eye" on Mina's quilt while Sundae is enjoying some "rub time" on the video. Thanks for sharing your fur-babies with us.

  7. I'm so glad to see you kept some of Priscilla's bright and bold blocks to quilt yourself! And I'm amazed that CiL will pass the 1000 mark soon. That is definitely worth celebrating :)

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  9. I'm thinking that the 1000th quilt celebration should somehow involve the hospital and/or the chaplin who distributes them. Maybe there could be a little ceremony for the gifting of the 1000th quilt. Of course, no name can be shared and the recipient can not be photographed for obvious reasons but maybe a family member would be willing to share a little story about that person's life. Just my thoughts - whatever you decide to do will be great. I've really enjoyed participating in your block drives for the past several years. You've done an incredible job.

  10. What's an ideal size for backing fabric? I have fat quarter excess (sounds like a medical condition!) and can piece them by color and or scrappy jumbo blocks.

    1. Hi Edna! Thank for offering. Most of our quilts are about 60"x72" and the backings only need to be a few inches extra.

  11. Love all the quilts. What a wonderful thing to do.