Monday, March 23, 2015

Design Wall Monday Memory Quilt

This is a little late Design Wall Monday post. By trying to do a set every day I got all the blocks for the Hawaiian Shirt Memory Quilt done. Here they are all arranged on the design wall. The odd solid blocks have the shirt pockets on them. I sewed the shirt labels and buttons onto the pockets.  My design wall wasn't quite big enough to get it all up there. There is one more column wide and two more tall.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Beginnings of a Memory Quilt

Design Wall Monday, and I had a productive weekend.  I got the teal and grey scraps quilt assembled into a top. Adding it to the stack to be basted.

Then there was some quilting. A friend has requested this swirly design on a quilt I am doing for her, so I figured I better practice on one of my donation quilts.  I last tried this on the batik quilt from last summer.  I got this one done, but it is waiting for 2 things: a break in the rain so our septic system will drain and we can do laundry, and a sunny day so I can take pictures.

Finally, I started de-boning shirts for a memory quilt I volunteered to make for a friend.  I never met this man, but judging from his shirts he must have been a hoot!  This mosaic shirt with the sea life was one of my favorites.

I was sent 6 hawaiian shirts and 2 solids, that makes for a surprising amount of fabric. Better yet, hawaiian shirts don't stretch, so they don't need to be stabilized.

There is something reverent about literally taking apart the seams on someone's life after they are gone too soon.  I feel honored whenever I get to make one of these keepsakes. I sure hope the design I choose reflects him, and his life.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

A Non-Quilty Finish

It is still dreary, wet, and cold! I know in August we will be glad for all this rain but right now it sure is miserable.  Since it continues to be cloudy for my to photograph quilts I have a non-quilty finish to share today.

My friend Libby who blogs at No Airplane Here is getting married soon, so I made her a coptic-bound journal from her wedding invitation.

Coptic bindings are nice because they are beautiful and because they allow the book to lay open completely flat. The design is made from the thread that holds the "signatures" (pages) in place.

For the pages inside I used a shimmery metallic paper from Office Max.  The most fun part is picking out the scrap book paper for the covers and end pages.

Happy Wedding, Libby!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Design Wall Monday

Here's what is on my design wall this week.  It's a scrap quilt using turquoise and grey squares and HSTs.  I blatantly copied this design from Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework, who is a scrap quilting genius! This is part of her series of "A Scrappy Quilt Every Month" tutorials.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Finished UFO

I started on a Disappearing Hourglass Quilt back in September of last year. For some reason it got swept aside, but I pulled those blocks out last week and finally finished them!

As you can see it has been pretty dark and cold here. These pictures were taken a few days ago, but today the sun actually came out!  I used a combination of stipple and echo quilting on this small quilt.

Sometimes it's fun to quilt the heck out of a little quilt.  (My idea of dense quilting obviously varies a lot from some other peoples'...)

I found the perfect backing in my stash and bound it with scraps of leftover bindings. It finished at 36"x48".

This quilt will be donated whenever I next send off quilts, probably to Margaret's Hope Chest.  Crazy Mom Quilts is on vacation this month so I will be looking for other end-of-the-week linkups and add them here as I find some!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

This and That

I've been away from the blog a while! Not because I haven't been busy; I have. Also I did get a cold and get snowed-in out of town for a week. That put a dent in production.

I finished my February do. Good Stitches block. February was a short month, it snuck up on me!  The tutorial for the block is here. I thought Louise did a really good job of making a somewhat structured wonky block.

I dug up a couple of old UFOs and finished them for charity quilts. The disappearing hourglass block and the "Dallas Nights" strip quilt will be featured on here as soon as the sun comes out.

I also picked back up an old hobby. Hand made, coptic stitched journals. Coptic stitching is great because it's beautiful and allows the journal to open flat for easier writing. I'll show more pictures of this one once it has been gifted, but here is a sneak peek.

Hoping for more frequent blogging soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rainbow Mix Tape {January do. Good Stitches}

This Friday's Finish is the January quilt for my do. Good Stitches group, the NURTURE circle.  It was my month to be quilter again and I chose a foundation pieced QAYG design.

The choice for this month's block was natural since I have been on a string quilt kick lately and the best way to make string quilts is with foundation piecing; as long as we were going to foundation piece anyway it might as well be onto batting.  The fact the this drastically reduced the amount of work I as the quilter had to do was beside the point ;)

Everyone sent in their two string blocks pieced onto various types of batting by Feb. 9th and I got the quilt top assembled that very night! I tried several different arrangements but this rainbow one was my favorite by far.

I pressed the block seams open (lesson learned- not all battings are hot-iron safe.) Then applied the backing and quilted along the open seams with the triple zig zag stitch on my machine. This held the layers together and tamed the bulky seams that are the nemesis of QAYG.

Because of the foundation piecing the only quilting visible on the back is the grid of zig zag quilting that holds the layers together.

Our circle makes quilts for My Very Own Blanket, a charity that provides quilts for children in foster care. One of our members was recently able to visit them and as a result of what she learned we are trying this year to make more boy-friendly quilts and to include matching pillowcases with our larger size quilts.

Our members did a great job of picking super cute, boyish fabrics in the strings they used, like these whales and teepees.

Since I used a sheet for backing I actually had a store-bought pillowcase that matched it. I thought it was a little too plain, so I cut off the end of the sleeve and made a custom one instead. (My pillowcase tutorial is here.)

The quilt finished at 48" x 60" and will be shipped inside its pillowcase to the MVOB workshop.  Huge thank you to the ladies of the Nurture circle, who are always good sports and get their blocks sewn up in record time. Thank You!

If you are interested in making a similar quilt my original tutorial can be found here.

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