CiL Block Drives

A history of previous Covered in Love block drives and the quilts they produced. Feel free to use any of these designs for your own projects, just make sure to credit the original designer (it isn't always me).

 Jan-Feb 2021 "Mixtape" block foundation pieced onto batting

Assembly instructions here.

Nov-Dec 2020 "Sunflower" block

Sept-Oct 2020 "Fiddlesticks" block
July-Aug 2016-2020 "Oh My Star!" blocks

Finished quilts from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

March-April 2020 "Pinwheel" blocks


Jan-Feb 2020 String blocks


Sept-Oct 2019 "Split-Nine" blocks


Jan-Feb 2019 String Blocks



Sept-Oct 2018 & March 2016 "Eye Spy" blocks

Finished quilts here and here.

March-April 2018 "Hunter's Star" blocks

Jan-Feb 2018 & Oct 2015, 2016 String blocks

Finished quilts here, here, and here.

Nov-Dec 2017 & Sept 2015 "Patchwork Mosaic" blocks

Finished quilts here and here.

Sept-Oct 2017 "Susannah in the Fall" blocks

Finished quilts here

May-June 2017 Color Block Strings

Finished quilts here.

March-April 2017 "Grandad's Shirts" blocks

Finished quilts here.


Jan-Feb 2017 "Faded Quarter Cabins"

Finished quilts here

Nov-Dec 2016 "Hot and Cold Corners"

Finished quilts here.

August 2016 "Disappearing 9 Patch"

Finished Quilts here.

June 2016 "Sun and Sea" Block

Finished quilts here

May 2016 "Tall 9 Patch"

Finished quilts here

April 2016 "String Lattice"

Finished quilts here.

Feb 2016 "Split 9's"

Finished quilts here.

Dec 2015 String Pinwheels

Finished quilts here.



Nov 2015 "Falling Leaves"

Finished Quilts here.

Aug 2015 Flying Geese

Finished quilt here.

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  1. What a lovely collection of quilts to make from my precious scraps. I will need all my friends to give me their leftover fabrics, and then I can make these beautiful quilts to gift and help those who need a HUG.