Friday, September 29, 2023

A parade of finishes


Hello, friends! I'm back to share a few more of your orphan pieces that were donated to Covered in Love. First up is this bold, modern quilt in all solid fabrics. The pattern is called "Lofty" and all the blocks were sent in by one of you. I can't recall if they were already sewn into rows, or just a big pile of blocks?

I stitched up the top, found this cool backing in coordinating colors, and quilted it up with parallel lines. I think it's quite handsome, don't you?

Next is another modern piece. This one was precut by Christine, using fabrics that look like they are from a single line. The hand on these is sooo soft and silky!

Both backing and binding are this stripe donated by someone else, and the colors are a perfect match. I quilted big swoopy curves in each rectangle to keep the modern vibe going.

The third quilt was made almost entirely by Cyndy. She donated the center section of pieced hearts, plus all the bonus HSTs. I added a little cream sashing and a border to bring it up to size.

Aren't those heart just so sweet? The perfect design for covering someone in love!

I think I used every scrap of turquoise and orange I had for the pieced backing. Good to use those up!

And finally, I present this super cool kaleidoscope quilt. Christine cut the hundreds of precise triangles necessary for this pattern, carefully pinned each matching set of six together, and donated all the coordinating fabrics.

I just love how the underlying fabric of flowers and butterflies became these abstract, swirling hexagons! I never would have had the patience to make all those exacting cuts, so many thanks to Christine for her hard prep work.

Thank you to everyone who donates fabric and blocks to Covered in Love. And big thanks to Kat for running the whole show and graciously taking the photos of my finished pieces.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Strings and Patriotism

Happy Friday, Quilters! Another week has gone by and I have some more completed quilts sent in by CiL supporters. 

Erin sent in these two wild scrappy string quilts. These remind me of the block drive we did in Jan 2020.

Mina is a frequent contributor to CiL, she's the one who makes the village quilts you may remember seeing. She sent in these two red/white/blue plus quilts full of cute fabrics. 

Patriotic quilts are always in demand and among the most coveted at the hospital. It's an honor to be able to gift a veteran's family with a beautiful quilt. 

Mina must have a bunch of that lobster fabric because I've seen it in lots of her blocks. It will be a fun treat for someone to notice! 

Throwback photo of Fudge letting Mama cat know how he feels about her eating on his porch. 

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Thursday, September 14, 2023

String Quilts 11-15

Happy Friday, Quilters! This week I have five more string quilts to show off. These were sent in during the Jan 2022 string quilt drive.  All 5 of these were donated as completed tops and Linda quilted them beautifully on her long arm. 

These first 2 quilts with the black sashing were sent in by Beth T. and Linda used awesome custom quilting on them. 

The quilts are complimentary but beautifully different. The second quilt with the white thread has different quilted pantos in each string square. 

I couldn't get pictures of everything, but I tried to get some good ones. 

Next, Tish sent in this top with a much more controlled color palette. I love how different the same block can look, and aqua and red are a great color combination. 

I also finally got to use this great, cute animal backing someone donated! 

Beth and Holly are real-life neighbors and friends and often sew together. Holly sent in this pretty string top with lots of saturated tones.

Linda chose a cool panto with interlocking flowers to show it off. 

Speaking of more controlled color schemes, Elana sent in this beauty. It's super scrappy and bright. 

Linda quilted chains of feathers down the colored strips. Thank you to Elana, Tish, Holly, Beth, and quilter Linda! You guys keep us going. 

Fudge has recently developed an annoying habit of blocking my machine while I'm sewing in order to get my attention. It's a good thing he's so darn cute. 

I had to break out the big guns to keep his little paws away from the needle. No kitty can resist a box!

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Thursday, September 7, 2023

More Tops Completed!

Happy weekend, quilters! I hope you're all well.  I have some team quilts to show this week. Amy sent in two tops and long-armer Wendy completed them for us. 

Thanks to both of these ladies. These are really large quilts and will be a great gift to the families that Covered in Love benefits. I really like the colors in both of Amy's tops. 

Next, two quilt tops sent in by Kathy B. and quilted by Ray in Florida. Ray does an excellent job with his quilting, I'd highly recommend him if you're looking for a long-armer.

Kathy's second top is made from a pattern we did as a block drive back in March 2020.

Speaking of block drives, Cynthia just launched her latest block drive for Compassion Quilts. They're making "happy blocks" for kids quilts this time around and I know CiL doesn't make kiddy quilts, so this could be a fun change. Be sure to check it out.

Lastly, inspired by some jackets I've seen on Instagram I added a quilted panel to the back of this thrift store jacket. It's way too hot to wear right now, but I think it looks pretty cool.

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