Sunday, March 25, 2012

Making Waves! Finished Quilts for Sale

These quilts are now listed for sale in my Etsy store
(Edited to add: The quilt on the right has now sold, the one on the left is still available for sale.)

 Both New Wave quilts are finally done! I finally got pictures since I had two sets of hands yesterday to help hold them. I used Kona Coal for the solid in these and I have absolutely fallen in love with it! I think I have already gone through about 7 yards between these quilts and a few other projects I have going.  The prints in these were a mixed pulled from my scraps and stash. 
I decided to leave the ends zig-zagged instead to cutting them off even.  It's not any harder to bind and I think it looks fun.  

I also played with the quilting thread colors that I used against the grey.  This one has a bright kiwi green in the grey stripes and also on the grey backing.

I have to admit, this one (below) with the larger grey areas is my favorite of the two. 
I used an ocean-blue turquoise for the quilting on this one.  
I quilted two lines echoing either side of each stripe. 
These were a delight to piece and quilt.  It's such a fun pattern!
A shot of the quilting from the back.
The quilt with the colored stripes on the front got a brightly colored back (on the left).  I'd ordered several yards of this great turquoise coordinate years ago.  It has tiny white circles on it but  reads as a solid from a distance.  I almost used it up with the project! 

The other quilt, the one with the larger sections of prints and grey sashing, got a grey back.  I quilted the second quilt slightly heavier and used the same bright green thread in my bobbin that I'd used on the front.  It really pops!

These two matching quilts are just over 50"x60" and they are for sale.  Please contact me if you're interested or know someone who might be.  I would love it if these could go to the same home.

These quilts are now listed for sale in my Etsy store.
(Edited to add: The quilt with larger sections of prints has now sold, the other quilt is still available for sale.) 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Give Away for a Great Cause!!!

Julia, a fellow blogger, is hosting an incredible giveaway to raise money for some very deserving orphans in Eastern Europe.  There are over $4,500 worth of goods up for grabs to benefit many, many children.  I've put pictures of a few of the kids in this post.
Jack is a cute, friendly boy who wants a mama to come for him
There are 85 items in the giveaway, among them several quilts. This Dr. Seuss quilt has obviously been made by a very talented quilter. The quilting is extremely intricate.
This quilt (shown unfinished) is one of the prizes
Most of these children have special needs and all of them face a dismal future if they aren't adopted.  Many of them will die in their cribs, never having known a parent's love.  In their countries they are regarded as worthless and kept far away from society.  In some orphanages they are systematically staved to keep them small and helpless.
Due to malnutrition, at almost 5 years old Keith is the size of a 6 month old.  His family is raising money to bring him home. For him this is a matter of life and death.
A small donation is all it takes to get your name in the hat and it will make a huge difference in the lives of these kids.  Many of the kids in this give away have families already committed to them who love them and want to bring them home.  They're counting every penny to bring these precious babes home where they belong.
Ian is learning to walk.  His family can't wait to get him home.
Besides the quilts and loads of other home made crafts and jewelry in this giveaway there are two Kindle Fires, a 16GB iPad, a load of gift cards and home baked sweets.
Igor has a joint condition called Arthrogryposis that affects all his movements.  He needs a family to come for him before he is sent to an adult mental institution.
Please, please, please go look at all the kids who are benefiting from this giveaway and look at all the great stuff you could win.  I don't plug things very often but this really is the best cause you could possibly support. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pinned. Quilted. Bound. Washed.

From top to finished quilt in less than a day. Can you tell this is my idea of a quick quilt?
Only sneak peaks of this New Wave quilt for now.  I want to get the matching one done so I can take pictures of them together.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Second New Wave Top Finished

Well, here they are. Two matching New Wave tops (check out the pattern here if you haven't yet).
I sewed up this one this morning. The pattern goes together amazingly quickly. I've got the back for one put together; just need to do the second one and piece together some batting. I have already almost used up the Kona Coal I ordered the other day, and I still haven't actually used it for what I ordered it for! Guess I'll have to order some more. Oh, darn... :)
Sewing together columns, beautiful day out the window, and the cat snoring nearby. Perfect way to pass a lazy morning.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Wave

Inverted New Wave top (minus one seam)
Yes, I'm making a New Wave quilt.  Seems like everyone and their grandmother is making these lately but really, how can we resist?  The pattern is just so effective but yet so simple!  I'm making two of these, actually, the one above and another one with the same color scheme but with the prints/solids inverted (prints in the diamonds and grey in the zigzags).

I haven't seen one of these yet with the prints in the thin strips. I picked a selection of teals, blues, and greens and paired them with Kona Coal (just came today and I am already in LOVE with this solid.) I sewed this up tonight; it was so quick to come together!  I'm planning to leave the ends zig-zaggy and just bind around the corners rather than trimming them flat.  I've got most of the pieces cut for the second top so I expect to get it done sometime this weekend as well.