Thursday, March 30, 2023

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Quilting

Hello quilters and happy Friday! Happy Spring! My parents are tilling their garden and I've been weed-eating around my house and cutting down last year's lantana.

Linda recently sent back a batch of quilted Tall 9s quilts along with 2 of her own quilts. This batik with the HSTs and the cool square-swirl quilting is my favorite.

I thought the star FMQ on this modern stars quilt was really cool. 

I'm doing ok, not what I'd consider normal but better than I was doing earlier in the year.  I think the change in the weather helps. 

These first 3 quilts that Linda sent back are assembled from blocks that Cindy B. sent in (I'm at least 90% sure. Someone tell me if not.)

I especially like the jewel tones and this awesome cat fabric in this first quilt. And Linda knows that the quilting patterns with close straight lines are always my favorites. 

These next 2 quilts are very similar to each other. I think there are a few other people's blocks mixed in with Cindy's here. 

Nice to have some solid on the back where the quilting stands out. 

Our kittens are now 5 weeks old and will be ready to fly the nest soon. Several of them have adopters already who are counting down the days. 

This last quilt is made with blocks sent in by Ann G. from MN. I love the color combo, especially with the batik fabric! 

Sort of a retro modern FMQ pattern. Thanks Cindy, Linda, Ann, and all the rest of you who contributed to this drive! 

Don't forget Cynthia has a block driving going on right now to make hospital comfort quilts. If your fingers are getting itchy you can make some blocks for her.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Kitten love

 Just letting you know that I'm doing well. Looking forward to having next week off of work and at home. The kittens have reached maximum cuteness at 3 weeks old and I thought you would enjoy some pictures.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Down Time

Hello quilters :) I'm still kicking. I didn't realize another Friday had passed until a couple of you emailed to check on me.  I'm hoping to get back to regular updates soon; there was a confluence of running out of quilt photos, bad weather that kept me from taking more, and then a couple rough weeks at work.  

(I'm making this post from my phone, so I apologize for wonky formatting. Click on the pics to make them bigger).

This week I've been in Santa Fe visiting family and resting.  They tell me that this week spring weather has arrived, but it's still below freezing at night and snow drifts hang on in the shade. It's a nice contrast to Texas.

As some of you know, and others have guessed, the past 3 years have been difficult ones for me. I've had some very major stressors in my personal life for whatever reason it seems to have caught up to me moreso since Christmas.   

I still have blocks from the Tall 9s and tops from last year's string drive to complete, not to mention many tops you've graciously sent in. I want to keep the drives on hold until I'm at least somewhat caught up and feel like I have forward momentum again. Several wonderful supporters including Cynthia, Louise and Linda are helping, but if anyone else wants to help assemble and/or quilt send me an email. 

CiL has plenty of finished quilts at the moment, so I will be able to continue supplying the hospitals at our current rate for quite a while before that becomes a concern. 

In the meanwhile, I'd love it if you'd support Cynthia's charity, which is similar to ours. She is running block drives every 3 months and the most recent one just started. Click here to see what's up. I know better than anyone how encouraging it is to get blocks in your mailbox, as well as bonus donations like cash, backing fabric, and prepped bindings. You all have taken care of me for years and I'm excited for Cynthia to find out first hand just how wonderful the quilting community is.

As for me, I'm not doing great, but I'm ok. I'm taking care of myself and taking time to figure out what's next. I made a couple of personal quilts recently, which is something I hadn't done in ages. 

I wasn't a responsible adult and didn't get porch-cat (now called Squeaky) spayed in time, so we have kittens and they are a snuggly squishy delight. (She'll be spayed as soon as they're weaned). I'm having lots of flashbacks to when Fudge and Sundae were this size and I was bottle feeding around the clock.

Thank you for your support and concern. Things with CiL will be back on track soon enough, maybe changed slightly. In the meantime I'm incredibly proud of the community we've built which continues to send in finished quilts and support each other and me.