Thursday, April 18, 2024

Beth's Quilt Tops

GE Designs "Two Timer" in barn raising layout

Happy Friday quilters! Today's three quilt tops were all sent in by long-time supporter Beth T. These first two were quilted by Dee on her longarm.

This quilt was actually originally the backing to the one above, but we both felt it was too complex and would make a nice quilt on its own. 

Dee rustled up some muslin to back it with and quilted it with an autumnal motif.  Beth must have a beautiful stash because she always has the most well-coordinated tops. 

Beth makes a lot of her quilts with free patterns from GE Designs. All of these are from "Two Timer". Beth included a note that this last quilt was also originally intended to be a backing, but took on a life of its own.

Pam did a lovely job quilting this top up and getting it all done. Three cozy quilts ready for the hospital, thanks ladies!

Shenanigans on the catio

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 1400 so far! The April-June block drive is live now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved.


Thursday, April 11, 2024

String Block Drive Wrap Up

The last (I think) of the 2022 String Block quilts are all done! Dee, a wonderful longarm quilter I met locally, took the last 7 tops off my hands to quilt.

Dee is excited to practice with her longarm and I am thrilled to have her help! She ended up using this nice wavy design on a lot of the quilts. 

Always fun eye-spy on these quilts. I found an octopus and a fox right next to each other. 

Our little corner of Texas was square in the path of the eclipse this week and got a full 4 minutes of totality.  Both hospitals had little events and I saw lots of pictures online of nurses and patients watching.

I did NOT work this past week and got some much-needed chores done.  My parents and I watched the eclipse from the yard; it was a very surreal experience! There was concern that we would be clouded over, but it was perfect. 

It wasn't as dark as night during the totality, more like dusk, but it was enough to get confused frogs croaking and owls hooting. It also got noticeably cooler.

Covered in Love continues to grow and bless many grieving families at 4 East Texas Hospitals. We're up to over 1400 quilts distributed!

This turned out to be a huge block drive. You can see the state map and totals below.  78 quilters made 28 quilts! 

In addition to the blocks, generous fabric donations allowed me to make all the backings for these.

I have to admit, this bright one might be my favorite. 

Massive thank you to Dee for helping to finally finish off this drive, only 2 years after it started, and thanks to all 78 of you who contributed!

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 1400 so far! The April-June block drive is live now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

2nd Quarter Block Drive

Hello quilters! It's time for the second CiL quilt drive of the year. I know that the previous drive was a little complex, this one will be easier hopefully. 

These two quilts were made by Donna J and dropped off recently and I thought the design would make a perfect CiL block drive. It's a super simple scrap buster, specifically binding scraps if you make yours at 2.5" wide like I do. This block is appropriately called the Potato Chip block, betcha can't make just one!

For a color scheme look for fabrics with a warm, saturated, farm-house kind of vibe similar to the two quilts shown, nothing super bright.  And you'll need some low-volume (not bright white) fabrics for the inner ring.

Cut (12) 2.5"x4.5" pieces from your darker fabrics and (6) 2.5"x4.5" pieces from the low volume fabrics.

Start assembling from the inside as shown.

The block should finish at 12.5" square.

In case you haven't ever participated in a CiL block drive before, the idea in a nutshell is that you can make as many or as few blocks as you like. Contact for the mailing address and try to have them in the mail by the end of June. This block drive will run for 3 months, from April-June. All the blocks received will be combined into quilts for families who lose loved ones in east Texas hospitals. 

Thank you to Donna J for the inspiration, and I can't wait to see the blocks you all make!

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

More Modern Quilts

The quilts in last week's post came in long before these, but they ended up getting photographed and posted close together!

These are more quilts that arrived already finished from Karen M! She tends to make her backings almost as nice as her tops.

This quilt has an ocean-y theme with fish fabrics and wavy quilting.

I really like the abstract border that could be interpreted as fish or just a geometric design.

And lastly, a very bright, very modern riot of color!

Thanks to all of you who continue to send in quilts, tops, and blocks! Things are good here. I built some new climbing apparatus for the cats' porch and they are enjoying chasing bugs and watching birds.

 Check out the current CiL quilt block drive going on now.

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Thursday, March 7, 2024

Spring is in the Air

Beautiful quilts this week from loyal CiL supporter Karen M.! This first one has a simple design that really shows off the cool fabrics. I'm not sure if she made it as a giant disappearing nine patch or individual blocks? Either way, I love it. 

Next another very cool layout to show off some great fabrics. There were metallic highlights that I tried with some success to capture in the photo.

CiL continues to be successful thanks to many generous quilters. We are supporting four hospitals in north-east Texas and recently surpassed 1400 quilts delivered!

I wasn't positive which was the front or back of this quilt. I love the bold fabric colors and patterns and the lotus flower style quilting is perfect.

Here's the "back" you can see what I mean about it being a quilt all of its own.

Another beautiful quilt in a completely different style, Karen's friend Linda made this quilt that hitched a ride in the same box. I like how the simple block set in point makes a sort of interlocking / twist pattern.

For those of you who have been around for a few years and remember the kitty at my parents' house, Rey aka Fluffy, her world has recently been shaken up by the arrival of this little animal.  Louie is my mom's new dog and he's growing on me slowly... still not a dog fan even when they're this little and cute.

Check out the current CiL quilt block drive going on now.

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Friday, March 1, 2024

Little panel quilts

Happy Friday! I hope you're enjoying the days getting longer as spring gets closer. Here are a few small quilts full of cheerful fabrics. This first one is made with eight donated orphan 16-patch blocks. I added these whimsical kitties that were given to me by a member of my online guild, Sunshine.

Kathleen actually sent me two of the kitty panels, so I set the other one among orange, blue and black 9-patches. The little cat faces are so cute!

I had lots of this orange kangaroo fabric, so I used it on the back.

This panel features jungle animals with their babies. The coin strips were donated to CiL a long time ago and waited patiently to jazz up this sweet quilt.

How about an alphabet panel in soft neutrals? Every letter represents a different wild bird. Clever! I added top and bottom rows of windmill blocks that were donated recently.

The last three quilts are scrappy ones from my own stash. 

Both the butterflies and the bright plaid were donated to CiL and work great on the back.

I had lots of 3.5" and 4.5" wide scraps, so these quilts are made from those pieces. The blocks are 7" finished and I made each block a single color. This one has "blacks with brights" surrounded by "white with blacks."

And this one is "greys with pops of brights."  All the quilts in this post are all baby-sized. One of the hospitals we serve has a NICU and requested a few baby quilts. Please keep in mind that the vast majority of our quilts go to adults and that still our main need. Thanks!