Thursday, June 20, 2024

Doris's Quilts

 Happy Friday, quilters! This week we are celebrating Doris who sent in these 8 sweet baby quilts all finished and ready to go. 

These will go to the NICU at a hospital in Longview Texas. They go through a few per month and have really appreciated us supplying quilts to them. 

This blue quilt had a corduroy backing that I especially liked. As you can see, Fudge was very helpful with the photo process. 

Doris has also recently volunteered her long-arming services to help CiL get some of our donated tops finished. This is so incredibly helpful to me, HUGE thanks to Doris!

I was invited to this hospital's yearly NICU reunion last month but unfortunately wasn't able to attend. Hopefully I will next year and be able to meet some of the staff who work there and distribute our quilts. 

I wouldn't expect to meet any of the parents who received a quilt since presumably most of them are grieving, but it would be nice if I were able to. 

You're not seeing double, this quilt is in fact another variation on the one at the top of the page. Cute little owls. 

Thank you, Doris! Families will be so blessed by these quilts!

Sundae enjoying the freed up space on my quilt shelves

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 1400 so far! The April-June block drive is live now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved.



  1. Those baby quilts are so precious. Thank you Doris for your contributions to CiL with the quilts & quilting. These quilts will warm the babies & the hearts of the parents. Sundae has the cutest little "sling" just above your fabric. Your kitties are always on standby, ready to support CiL.

  2. I mailed my potato chip blocks in this week! Nice work Doris.

  3. Doris does fabulous work! Many thanks to her for both these finished cuties and her longarm work for CiL.

  4. Thank you for featuring Doris and the CiL project.

  5. Those are oh so sweet. I shared the link to this post to my 1000+ members of Quilting and Sewing for Baby Facebook group. Maybe you'll get some quilters interested in Covered In Love.

  6. What a wonderful selection of NICU quilts!