Sunday, September 4, 2011

All Worth It

See how he's got his toy cars and trains lined up over the roads and tracks? It makes my heart happy :)

Photos courtesy of Julia.

More Baby Blankets

I am still loving this tutorial for quick and easy baby blankets. I made a new batch of 6 of them today. There are 3 each for a baby girl and boy, both due in October.

The girl team. The one on the left has purple flannel with the cutest little green turtles on the back and this teal seed-pod sort of fabric on the front. The middle one has some vintage style red fabric backed by teal monkeys. And, on the far right, more of the Pooh fabric I inherited.

The boy team. The one on the left is cartoon dinosaurs and navy blue, then more of the Pooh fabric, and finally cute, cute MODA bug fabric backed with blue flannel.

I can't tell you how addicting these little blankets are. They are just so quick and satisfying!