Thursday, February 22, 2024

More orphan blocks and their friends

Hello, friends! Louise here to share a few more quilts made with your orphan blocks. Let's get started with a square quilt for the NICU. Lots of bright colors in this one! The house block is my favorite. The corner blocks were donated as triangles made of the pretty strips and I added the blue. They make a nice frame for the whole piece.

Blue and yellow is such a classic combination, don't you think? Many of the pinwheels arrived as half square triangles, perhaps made with a charm pack. The whale and dolphin panels make a nice focal point, and I hope this will appeal to someone who loves marine mammals!

A close up of the border fabric which looks like seaweed, so the critters will feel at home.

Most of these blocks had a tiny bit of turquoise in them, so I sashed them with tiny turquoise strips. That made the binding about the same size for a cohesive look. The center cat is a little panel. So sweet!

Here's another super bright one! I admit I'm a big fan of saturated colors so these blocks were really fun to work with.

On the back is this fun llama fabric from Spoonflower. So cute! However, I don't love the price and texture of their fabric, so I won't be buying any more of this. Have you ever tried Spoonflower fabrics? What did you think of them?

These blocks all had creamy off-white fabrics and more muted colors, so I put them together to be best friends. A cream background quietly unites them. Do you recognize the block in the second to bottom row, second from the right? That's from a block drive about five years ago! 

I put a number of different "outdoorsy" fabrics on the back for a more masculine feel. 

This one is also bright, but I limited the color palette to mostly gold, magenta, turquoise and black. It waited a long time half finished in my stash until the magenta plaid border arrived. My favorite block in this quilt is the upper right corner. Some of that star is folded over the railing in the photo, so you'll have to trust me that its a super cool block!

Many thanks to the dozens of folks who donate their blocks to Covered in Love. And thanks again to Kat who takes photos of my quilts.


Friday, February 16, 2024

Cats and Life in General

 I know I've been MIA and I'm sorry! The beginning of the year has been rough. I had the flu and Fudge injured himself and had to go to the vet. I've just got a few quilt photos left to post and the weather's been too dark and wet to take more. 

Sundae on a chilly day in the catio

Things are proceeding well with the charity, I just met a generous donor today and picked up some finished quilts. I dropped off almost 50 quilts for one of our hospitals the other day. 

I got my porch roofed to fix a leak and in the process closed it in for a catio. The kitties are loving it and come and go through the cat flap all day. 

Sundae is down another half a pound on her diet journey! Fudge injured his foot somehow while I was at work one day and covered my house in little bloody paw prints. I never figured out what he did, but he had to have a vet visit and stitches. I couldn't keep a cone on him, so he wore bandage instead.

 I worked more than usual around Christmas due to schedule adjustments. We're back on track now and I'm grateful. 

I'm searching for a new spot to take quilt photos, since I was taking them on the porch, so I should have more soon. In meanwhile, the block drive is still going and we've had quite a few blocks come in. Looking forward to showing you those soon!