Thursday, June 11, 2020

Overdue Good Sitches

PSA: I had a couple of lovely finished quilts arrive from North Dakota today. For as long as I have been keeping a spreadsheet CiL has never had anything come from ND! There's no return address or note, if you sent them could you send me an email so I can say thanks?

Happy weekend! I just finished 3 quilts from my do. Good Stitches group, the Nurture circle, for Covered in Love.  This big and bright scrappy quilt was made by the group in January from 2.5" scrap strips. 

This quilt was from the August Nurture circle bee. It's based on this design I did a long time ago, which itself was based on someone else's do. Good stitches quilt.

I just wanted to point out what a stellar job the group did of matching the inspiration swatch for the colors!

Finally, this quilt was made from the bonus blocks and leftovers of last January's quilt (original quilt here). The color scheme was my favorite ever, peanut butter and jelly!

Three do. Good Stitches quilts all done and ready for delivery!

Sunny and I sent the Fudge-boy to grandma's house and took a quiet nap.
 Covered in Love's usual every-two-month block drive is on hiatus for the months of May-June. You can see a post here with talking about it and some suggested ways to fill the CiL sized hole in your month!

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  1. They are all beautiful quilts!

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the 64-patch especially. Something about a giant checkerboard just warms my heart. So I guess Sundae is not as exuberant as her brother? :)

  3. All the quilts are very beautiful and will be so loved. You deserve a nap.

  4. Awesome finishes, Kat!! (Hope you and Sunny had a nice snooze!)

  5. Gorgeous finishes. That 64 patch really is something. I keep staring at it. I would guess that my squares wouldn't come out as straight as those you all made. What fun hanging out with your cats just chilling...we all need a little pet therapy these days!!

  6. That 64 patch, so simple but so stunning!!!

  7. I was perusing your Nurture bee quilt and spied the airplane square. I made Mr B a whole quilt using that fabric as inspiration! I had to smile! I like the PB &J quilt too!

  8. what a wonderful ministry you have with CiL! A bunch of beauties there to help comfort those in desperate need of comfort.

  9. Where did this week go? I can't believe I haven't commented on your blog this past week. What a beautiful array of colorful quilts for CiL. Of course, my favorite is that awesome 64 patch quilt. Thanks so much to everyone involved with this charity. Hope you & Fudge had more than just one day to chill out together.