Thursday, May 7, 2020

May-June CiL {Split 9 Patch Round 2}

Hello quilters! Sorry I mixed up my days last week and left you all high and dry on the plan for May-June.  I'll talk about it in this post while you enjoy the pictures from the Split 9 Patch Drive wrap up.  The top 5 quilts on this page were assembled and quilted by me. In total this drive made 14 quilts!

Traditionally (for the past 3 years I think) Covered in Love has taken a break from block drives this time of year. This isn't so much to give you a break as to give me a chance to catch up on the blocks and tops here. (Not that I ever catch up, but I do try to keep from falling any further behind.)

I know that due to COVID this year many people, including me, have had more time at home than usual and you're eager to continue sewing. However, I'm going to need these 2 months off to try to balance the tables a little between the blocks you send in and the blocks currently on my shelves.

To fill the Covered in Love shaped hole in your sewing schedule these next 2 months here's what I would recommend:
  • Contribute to Jack's Basket (a baby quilt only take (9) 12.5" blocks from one of our block drives), or one of the organizations in this year's Hands2Help drive, or a local cause
  • Make masks or surgical hats for folks in your area
  • Start making red, white, and blue star blocks for the July-August drive
  • Or....

If any particularly intrepid folks would like to volunteer to assemble and/or quilt blocks from previous CiL drives I can ship you the blocks, backing and binding, pay for batting if necessary, and pay return shipping. Kathy, Tammy, Mel, and Nancy have helped for years and I'm looking for a few more good (women).

Now, this is a big commitment. Time, up to several months, isn't really an issue but I must have your assurance that the blocks will kept safe and if anything stops you from finishing you'll return them (no questions asked).  I feel that you all place a great deal of trust in me when you send in your blocks, that I will make sure they are used well, and I have to pass that trust along to other volunteers.

That being said, if you want to use your May-June down time quilting for the cause (or want to ask me more questions about it) please drop an email to!

Speaking of volunteers, this quilt was assembled by Nancy from the central Texas area. She added the border and sashing and her friend Jenn then long-arm quilted it.

If there are any long-armers who would like to help but can't offer free services, send me an email.  Thanks to generous donations we are able to pay some to help offset the costs of professionals who donate their services. 

This would be the last post for these split nine quilts, with a total of 14.  (You can see the post with the first 8 quilts here.)  But, I happen to know that one of the unopened boxes on my floor contains 5 more tops from Gail. So you can expect a bonus post, probably in a few months!

Fudge helping me model one of my new masks for the hospital
Y'all stay safe out there!

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  1. Fudge is quite the poser
    The quilts are gorgeous bright and happy
    Very pretty
    Yes we all need time to re group

  2. These blocks made SEW many bright an beautiful quilts, Kat!! Best of luck with finding some additional CiL Warriors. They are out there and surely there are some who will step forward to help in the "off season!"

  3. I have a finished quilt to send you. Do i need to put a cil label on it? I was going to use a recipe i found for inkjet setting fabric to make sone labels for various charity quilts. Maybe i should put that on todays to do list.

    1. Jo, I've got labels here that I'll sew on once it arrives. I get them printed from spoon flower. Thank you for sending in a quilt!

  4. Nancy added a little Emeril BAM in her quilt. That spicy extra that separates it from the others in a good way. Love them all but that one is so different!

  5. Love all the different layouts you can get from the split rail block! Love them all!

  6. That block is a gift that just keeps giving! So many pretty quilts came out of this drive. Glad to hear you are still taking your break this spring. It's important! Hugs from afar :)

  7. Great quilts - So is there a Fudge sized mask? haha!

  8. Beautiful quilts! I especially like the first one.

  9. Yes, I would volunteer to either assemble or quilt, or both. I'm just totally a horrible binder, and not into that part. I can donate at least one batting per month. Tell me what size is best. I have a non-smoking home and no pets upstairs. My son who lives in the basement has therapy cats, but they aren't allowed out of the basement because my best friend has a cat allergy, and there's too much fabric everywhere up here anyway. =) This comment should have my email attached to it.