Thursday, May 28, 2020

UFOs Finished for CiL

Kathy broke out of quarantine this week to return these quilts to me! She took the tops that various quilters sent in and finished them into beautiful, cuddly quilts for CiL.

These hand-pieced lonestars were sent in by Holly and I added the slim flower borders. It made such a sweet little quilt!

This quilt with the pretty, bright yellow and red flower fabrics came from Johanna.  I made a pieced backing from yellow and flower-themed fabrics to match.

This cute, almost vintage-looking nine patch top came from Julie W.  She donated a group of tops I posted about before here.

Karen made this quilt and I found flannel to back it with.  I thought it looked modern, but my mom thinks it looks vintage, so I guess it depends on your opinion ;)

Finally, this scrappy pineapple beaut was pieced by Pam.

It has so much movement and life!

Thank you ladies who contributed the tops, as well as the backing and binding that went into these quilts. And thanks to the several of you who have contacted me about volunteering to help assemble and quilt for CiL-- It really helps to keep us moving forward!

A mother vulture is raising chicks in a courtyard at the hospital. They are getting their big feathers now.

Covered in Love's usual every-two-month block drive is on hiatus for the months of May-June. You can see a post here with talking about it and some suggested ways to fill the CiL sized hole in your month!

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  1. Awesome teamwork and a great batch of quilts for Covered in Love!!!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful and diverse group of quilts! Hard to pick a favorite. Many thanks to all who contributed talent and heart to these :)

  3. Wow, those stars! And all those pineapples! What a great batch of quilts - kudos to everyone who contributed!

  4. More beautiful quilts! Here's a hint. A lot of modern is very vintage. LOL! There's nothing new under the sun. People just think it's new. That vulture raising chickens is too funny, and so interesting! What's the story behind that? The package arrived today!

  5. Thanks to Karen, Holly, Julie W., Johanna, Kathy & Pam for all these beauties for CiL. It really takes a lot of help from a lot of people to keep a charity like CiL thriving. I was glad to see that you are going to get help from several more who will donate their time to assemble and quilt for you.
    Loved seeing the momma & baby vultures. Looks like they are strong & healthy & she's doing a good job of raising them.