Thursday, June 25, 2020

Big Quilts Back from the Longarm

Happy weekend everybody, we made it through another week, and almost through another month!  I recently got a couple of quilt back from Mel, a longarmer in Central Texas who donates her talents to Covered in Love

This blue nine patch top came from Carolyn and is at least partially handstitched! Carolyn also sent in two other, large, handpieced tops that Mel finished you can see here.  

I love to share stories of the impact that CiL quilts have with you all whenever I can. Chaplain Perry recently texted me this story to pass along:

Four years ago would have been in 2016, not long after CiL started. Some of you have been involved all that time!  It's so rewarding to know that quilt is still appreciated and in use 4 years later.

This quilt top was sent in by Priscilla, who has sent in many, many tops over the past several years.  I especially liked the backing someone donated that went well with it.

Mel donated it with large flowers, which was the perfect complement!

Please stay healthy and be careful wherever you live; things with Covid are ramping up again here!

Yin and yang of cat

Covered in Love's usual every-two-month block drive is on hiatus for the months of May-June. You can see a post here with talking about it and some suggested ways to fill the CiL sized hole in your month!

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  1. Two lovely quilts and one AWESOME story!! Thanks for sharing, Kat.

  2. Great story and that first quilt has me so inspired. I love the Amish feel and am plotting my own version of one. Fabulous helpers once have a great team (cats included)!

  3. It makes me so happy to know that a CiL quilt is still bringing warmth and comfort to a family after four years! And these two gorgeous quilts are destined to do the same. Thank you Mel, Priscilla and you, Kat, for making them happen :)

  4. Mel, Carolyn & Priscilla did a fantastic job on all of those beautiful quilts. The story from Chaplain Perry was so encouraging & such a good reminder to let us know just how important the CiL quilts are to the families.
    Sundae & Fudge just love each other so much!

  5. Thanks for sharing the story about the quilt! Thanks to you and all your helpers,

  6. A great post, Kat. And the kitties are adorable. Looking forward to your next CIL quilt block.

  7. Love the Yin/Yang cats, the quilts and the story! Thank yiou for sharing...