Thursday, June 18, 2020

World Village

If you've been following Covered in Love for very long then you've definitely seen these "village" quilts before. Mina makes them and I love what they represent! Mina says "the block is from the Quiltville site and is a free pattern called Happy Scrappy Houses.  It is so simple and only uses 3 sizes."

The top two on this page were sent in completely finished by Mina, the second were tops that I finished.

These 4 quilts were part of a delivery to the hospital last week of 32 quilts, which pushed us to a total of 650 since 2015!

As Covid numbers continue to rise in many states don't forget to be careful and wear your masks! Here's a selection of some of mine I made for the hospital and teaching nursing school.  They're all two sided so I get more use from them. It's fun to use interesting fabrics; anything for a smile!

Covered in Love's usual every-two-month block drive is on hiatus for the months of May-June. You can see a post here with talking about it and some suggested ways to fill the CiL sized hole in your month!

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  1. I love Mina's pieces! She does such great work. Thank you, Mina, for all you do for CiL :)

  2. The village quilts are such fun to see. Mina has been such a trooper in making these quilts. I bet she can do them with her eyes closed. Thanks to Mina for those very special quilts.
    I love those reversible face masks that you are making. Everyone will help in the curbing of Covid19. Masks are so important!

  3. Fun quilts. You just keep looking and looking at all the combos.
    Attractive facemasks.

  4. Hi,
    By chance, is there a tutorial for the house blocks on your website or can you point me in the right direction?

    1. This is made from the Happy Scrappy House pattern from

  5. I just love those house quilts. I always think that would be a fun block request for you but then Mina takes the lead anyways!!

  6. 650! Wow, I am so glad that I can be a part of this!

  7. Mina's quilt is so beautiful, very cheerful houses, it's a lovely donation quilt.

  8. That's quite a housing development! Good job!