Saturday, March 10, 2012

Give Away for a Great Cause!!!

Julia, a fellow blogger, is hosting an incredible giveaway to raise money for some very deserving orphans in Eastern Europe.  There are over $4,500 worth of goods up for grabs to benefit many, many children.  I've put pictures of a few of the kids in this post.
Jack is a cute, friendly boy who wants a mama to come for him
There are 85 items in the giveaway, among them several quilts. This Dr. Seuss quilt has obviously been made by a very talented quilter. The quilting is extremely intricate.
This quilt (shown unfinished) is one of the prizes
Most of these children have special needs and all of them face a dismal future if they aren't adopted.  Many of them will die in their cribs, never having known a parent's love.  In their countries they are regarded as worthless and kept far away from society.  In some orphanages they are systematically staved to keep them small and helpless.
Due to malnutrition, at almost 5 years old Keith is the size of a 6 month old.  His family is raising money to bring him home. For him this is a matter of life and death.
A small donation is all it takes to get your name in the hat and it will make a huge difference in the lives of these kids.  Many of the kids in this give away have families already committed to them who love them and want to bring them home.  They're counting every penny to bring these precious babes home where they belong.
Ian is learning to walk.  His family can't wait to get him home.
Besides the quilts and loads of other home made crafts and jewelry in this giveaway there are two Kindle Fires, a 16GB iPad, a load of gift cards and home baked sweets.
Igor has a joint condition called Arthrogryposis that affects all his movements.  He needs a family to come for him before he is sent to an adult mental institution.
Please, please, please go look at all the kids who are benefiting from this giveaway and look at all the great stuff you could win.  I don't plug things very often but this really is the best cause you could possibly support. 

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