Thursday, March 1, 2012

A New Wave

Inverted New Wave top (minus one seam)
Yes, I'm making a New Wave quilt.  Seems like everyone and their grandmother is making these lately but really, how can we resist?  The pattern is just so effective but yet so simple!  I'm making two of these, actually, the one above and another one with the same color scheme but with the prints/solids inverted (prints in the diamonds and grey in the zigzags).

I haven't seen one of these yet with the prints in the thin strips. I picked a selection of teals, blues, and greens and paired them with Kona Coal (just came today and I am already in LOVE with this solid.) I sewed this up tonight; it was so quick to come together!  I'm planning to leave the ends zig-zaggy and just bind around the corners rather than trimming them flat.  I've got most of the pieces cut for the second top so I expect to get it done sometime this weekend as well.

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