Wednesday, January 5, 2022

CiL Jan/Feb Block Drive

 Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the long delay getting the new block drive up.  I had an excellent trip leading up to Christmas and then straight back to work when I got home. I thought somewhere in there I would get the post up but obviously I needed to plan better!

Looking over our past string block drives I thought we could reprise this one from 2019. Same red cornerstones and same size again, it looked great last time. 

For anyone who might be new, Covered in Love uses these block drives to make quilts that are given the families losing a loved one in the hospital. Anyone can participate and make as many or as few blocks as you want. Just try to get your blocks in the mail by the end of February.  If you need the mailing address email


  1. Happy New Year Kat! This block was a fun one to do! And who doesn't love a string quilt!!!!!

  2. Oh, that's a good idea, Kat! I have a ton of String-y scraps to use and RED is the Color of the Month for January's Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Win-win! (The Joyful Quilter @ work.)

  3. I chuckled when reading the 2018 post that straight lines and 90 degree angles can be approximate. That's my kind of quilt block even though it challenges my perfectionist tendencies.