Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Sept/Oct Covered in Love Block Drive

Hello quilters! We made it to September, school is starting back, and the new normal or the next normal or whatever we're call this is starting to feel a little bit more, well, normal.  

Scrap quilt step 1: Organization (throw back photo to Rory)

For the Covered in Love block drive for the months of September and October we are following a tutorial on someone else's site with a few important changes listed below.  

The block is here on Zippy Quilts; it's called Fiddlesticks!  

  • our blocks will be bigger, so cut your colored squares to 14" and a trim your final blocks to 12.5"
  • make your scrappy strip sets between approx. 1" to 2.5" wide
  • each block should have at least 3 inset strips, but can have more
  • for your background colors try to stick to solids or textured solids and within the normal spectrum (no neons, etc)

Caveat: It was pointed out to me (thank you Linda!) that this pattern bears a strong resemblance to Crazy Mom Quilt's Bright Birches pattern she wrote in 2012. I don't think that Zippy Quilts intended to copy her pattern, obviously more than one person can have the same idea independently at different times.  We aren't selling these quilts but are instead donating them. That all being said, if you want to support the most original pattern designer (that we know of) please do buy a copy of Amanda Jean Nyberg's pattern.

Covered in Love makes quilts to cover patients who pass away at a Texas hospital and comfort the families.  Anyone can contribute to these drives and make as few blocks or as many as they like. The current drive runs September through October, so blocks should be in the mail by the end of October.  Email if you need the address to mail blocks. 


  1. Would you want white or off-white solids, or just colors?

    1. Let's stick to colors. It can be a light yellow, though.

  2. Uh, oh. That pattern is Bright Birches from Amanda Jean Nyberg that I bought years ago, copyright 2012. Even the colors are the same. Amanda closed her business in 2019 (crazymomquilts blog), but she holds the copyright legally. This person just put solid blocks in some places, but it is the same with no attributio

  3. I bought and have made Amanda's pattern several years ago. It is amazingly easy and so fun to look at. The bonus is that it uses the tiniest pieces of fabric that usually get tossed. Thank you Linda for pointing out the pattern copyright. Thank you Kat for updating the post and giving credit to all parties. That said, these are going to be gorgeous quilts!!!!

  4. I think I can make some of these! They are cute & will help lower the scrap pile.
    It was good to see a picture of Rory.