Thursday, September 17, 2020

UFOs No More

Welcome to the weekend quilters! Friday is my teaching day at the nursing school, it's a great day to end the week.  This week I'm teaching a bunch of 19-year-olds how to given hypodermic injections to hot dogs and oranges so that in just a couple years they can be grown up nurses! I'm crossing my fingers no one cuts themselves this semester ;) Hey, at least I'm not teaching it over Zoom anymore! 

Louise has just shipped back a great big box of finished quilts she made from the UFOs and orphans I sent to her.  I loves this first one with the beautiful Fall colors and this poppy backing. So gorgeous!!


This quilt is made from some of the same fabric with a design you might recognize. It was a popular Quarantine Quilt Along  by GE Designs that a lot of people participated in. 

You know it's not often that I can share stories with you of where our quilts go.  This particular quilt, however, I got to help pass on its way to the mother of a woman with COVID. The young woman had to be moved closer to the DFW area due to the intensity of the care she needed and has been there struggling with the complications of this disease for about 2 months.  On top of the distance from home, of course visiting restrictions make it hard for her mother to see her. As she continues to fight for her life we hope this quilt will be a comfort. 


The vibrant reds and bold patterns in this quilt were an perfect match for mother and daughter's bright personalities and the young woman's mom sends her love and thanks to all of you who made it possible.


This quilt is a design many of you should definitely recognize! Leftover flower blocks from last year's Spring block drive


I believe these blocks belong to Cindy B. and Johanna?


Last quilt, for this week, is this neat scrappy one.  Louise used geisha panels and stacked scraps along with a batik background fabric that looks like bamboo.

The quilt doesn't have batting and has a luscious plush mauve backing.  It's definitely unusual, but I'm sure it will find it's way to the perfect person!

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 600 so far! The Sept/Oct drive is going on now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 


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  1. Cute pic of you and Sundae! (I got his name right, didn’t I? I have a soft spot for gingers of the feline and human varieties!) Louise is amazing, isn’t she? Those quilts she made are drop dead gorgeous!

  2. I love it - UFO's no more!! they will be loved. Good luck with your teaching adventures today!!

  3. I love those unique quilts. The variety is wonderful so that the perfect recipient can be found. I will have to round up my own UFO's and see what can be done with them too. I have way too many projects going at once but I love the process. Kudos to you for training new nurses. They are lucky to have you as their mentor and teacher.

  4. Oh, those poor hot dogs! Poked multiple times by newbies. But it sounds like a great way for the students to practice. I've been so lucky to practice all kinds of new techniques and designs using other people's blocks and tops. It's hard to describe how much fun I'm having with them! And it helps me feel more connected both to other quilters and to the quilt recipients here in this time of social distancing. Quilts heal both the makers and the users :)

  5. Oh, oh, those quilts are real beauties. I love seeing the finished UFO's & also seeing what Louise has done with those orphan blocks. Magic happens on her boat! Glad you enjoy your Friday teaching day. Lucky students to have you for their teacher. Thank you for sharing the quilt story with us & prayers to the daughter with COVID for a full recovery. Sundae looks like a real ham & is front & center looking for attention. :)

  6. Elvira and the Orphans... LOVE!!! Great work, Louise! Thanks for sharing, Kat.

  7. Love the quilts that are UFOs no more. So creative in putting those orphans and UFOs together. Thanks for sharing

  8. What beautiful quilts those are -- so vibrant and such creative use of fabric. The recipients will indeed be "covered in love." The nursing class with hot dogs and oranges as patients sounds like lots of fun, and MUCH better to do in person. Have a wonderful day!

  9. When I learned to give flu shots, I had to pretend my patient was a giant pin cushion! I like them all the time. In and out, no hesitation makes it hurt less-my theory.

  10. That should read- I poke them all the time. (This Is Tammy ; ) )