Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wrapping up the String Quilts

Finally I am finished with the quilts from October's block drive!  If you remember, we made string blocks.  I showed the first 3 quilts back in January and now the final 5 are done.  A total of 8 string quilts from the blocks sent in October!

The majority of these are 50"x70", there is one 60" square.  I thought the blooming clover made a pretty place to take pictures, even though I did have to re-wash the quilts after.

These quilts will be added to the Covered in Love stash at the hospital. Thank you to soo many quilters who made this possible.

Thanks to Christy, Mina, Louise, Jan, Jeanine, Susan, Nancy K., Joy, Elana, Patricia, Amanda, Irene, Summer, Brenda, Molly, Diann, Barbara W., Margo, Linda, Nancy G., Ann, Audrey, Johanna, Valerie, Nancy R., Marilyn and more.

Those 3 lighter blocks are a trick of the sun!
Last one. I'm trying to post a clear shot of the front of all of them so everyone can look for their block(s) :)

Sometimes people apologize for sending in blocks with unusual novelty fabrics.  To be honest I've gotten a few raised eyebrows from the Chaplains, too. But I have to tell you, don't apologize! Because it never fails that we bring that quilt into a family and they say, "How did you know? Grandma was obsessed with ____!" French fries or birds or Paris or whatever it is.   I don't know how it works out that way, but it does.  People are looking for something to connect to and something to make them laugh at times like these.  In that vein, here's a too-cute cat fabric Amanda sent in for backing.

Covered in Love makes quilts of comfort.  The latest CiL block drive just started and will run through April. If you want to help make blocks for grieving families jump on board here!

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  1. Love the string quilts. I've made 1 string quilt and it worked up fast. I'd like to make more but . . . so many quilt patterns, so little time. I just try to stay focused and work on 1 quilt at a time. I'm not a cat person but I thought the backing on that quilt was cute.

  2. All of the string quilts look so warm and comforting. I also enjoyed knowing of some of the stories behind the gifts.

  3. Thanks for the permission to use a few novelty fabrics. I have so many in my stash since I collect them for my Project Linus quilts. I selected each and every one of them because I found them appealing. It makes complete sense that the families will connect to some (or many!) of those fabrics. And not just the novelties, of course, but the shades of blue, or the florals, or the plaids like Grandpa's favorite shirts. It's a reflection of our common humanity and that deep desire to connect to each other.

  4. Wonderful job Kat? You created a monster in me and I made several string blocks. I'm glad if sneaking in a little French fry fabric helps bring additional cheer! Thank you for all you do!

  5. Thank you for sharing these beautiful quilts and hosting Covered in Love. I believe God designs each square, each quilt and each backing to leave behind a special comfort for the families. I so appreciate all the time you take to give us the opportunity to give in a small way. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Blessings to you and all you know and touch! Patricia

  6. Those quilts are beautiful, Kat! It's fun to know my blocks are in there somewhere. (I tried to find them, but couldn't!) That's the neat thing about string quilts - everything looks good, no matter what! I loved your story about how one fabric or another will be just right for a certain family. I'm so glad to be part of that.

  7. These are all such colorful quilts. Great job getting them all finished. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  8. You have done an amazing job finishing these up for CIL. I love how everyone's blocks look together.

  9. love those string quilts. on my to do list