Saturday, March 11, 2017

UFOs Out of the Closet!

Recently I got on a UFO kick.  I keep UFO projects that have been donated to me in big ziplocs in the closet. I got most of them out last week, laid them out on the design wall, and ran them through the sewing machine assembly-line style.  Now several are one step closer to being a finish!

I just noticed a block with backward pieces in it, anyone else see it?

This is made mostly from sampler blocks donated by a couple of local quilters.  I decided to do a narrow sashing to space them out a little bit.  I believe this was a block-of-the-month at a quilt shop in Tyler a couple years ago.  I really love these colors.

I have absolutely no idea where these red, white, and black scraps came from.  I have all these fabrics in my stash, so it's possible I actually cut them for something, but if it was me I have no idea when!  If you sent these to me please comment and claim them!

These large disappearing nines with the pretty colors came from Tricia.  Note Rey playing Vanna White at the bottom :)

I think I mentioned I've starting listening to audio books while I sew.  It really makes the time (and the stitches) fly by.  The one I'm reading right now is Censoring an Iranian Love Story, and I definitely recommend it!

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  1. You have really gotten a lot done. I like how you put everything together. As much as I like the first two, I really like the fabrics in the DP9. Good work on all.

  2. WE are really making progress on the UFOs. Looking great.

  3. I stared and stared, but couldn't find any backwards pieces. Just goes to show you how forgiving we are of other people's work! A good lesson on learning to forgive ourselves, too.

    I think that quilt looks great, with the squares of coordinating fabrics to fill out the grid.

  4. Those UFOs must be glad they found you!

  5. Great job! Now I could use some of that magic to get my ufo's done

  6. I see that block. It took some looking to spot it! I would leave it, as it makes the quilt that much more charming.

  7. I see the block too! It's fun that way actually! I store all my project in BIG ziplocks in my closet too. I typically have several projects in the works at various stages. The ziplocks keep everything together until it's complete, then I put all the leftovers in the scrap bin!