Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hot and Cold Corners

I recently finished making the quilts from the Nov/Dec Covered in Love block drive, Hot and Cold Corners.  Three beautiful quilts to add to our stash, courtesy of quilters around the country!

All three measure 60"x72".   I quilted them with my signature quick stipple :)

The second and third quilt have a border, as that was the best way to use the blocks. In fact, I used every single one!

I had a little bit of that IKEA fabric with the birds left for the border of one quilt.These two used the wool batting I was gifted and they are so soft and fluffy!

Recently CiL has been working more and more with Southwest Transplant Alliance, the organ donation folks in our area.  Organ donation is so incredibly important, literally saving the lives of thousands of people.  It is a selfless, generous gift to make at such a personally painful time.  Organ donation families are giving to others, at the same time as they are losing something precious themselves.

The organ donation process, from declaration of brain death to decision for donation to removal of organs for transplant, can generally take a couple of days, during which time the deceased patient remains in the ICU and family can stay with them.  Chaplain Robert told me how well the quilts fit in with the whole process -- something small to give back to a family who are giving so much -- and something place over the patient, to honor and humanize them, while everyone waits for the recipients and transplant teams around the country to get in position.

Covered in Love makes quilts of comfort.  The latest CiL block drive will run through April. If you want to help make blocks for grieving families we'd love to have you. More info here!

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Listening to... I know the internet quilting community lost its collective mind the last couple years and all tried to make this insane paper-pieced quilt called Passacagalia.  But did you know Passacaglia is actually a type of music? Ever heard one?


  1. These quilts are amazing! I really love the borders on them. The concept of giving a quilt to patients/families waiting to donate organs is a great one - a friend's husband is alive thanks to a lung transplant!
    I'm going to have to check out more of that Passacaglia music - it's right up my alley!

  2. I adore these quilts. I have to be honest that at first, when making you some blocks, I wasn't sure how these would work out. You've done it again, as always! You take such simple ideas and pull them into fabulous community-made quilts. I also love the idea of quilts for those awaiting organ donations. How difficult that must be for everyone involved.
    The 3D block for this next round of CIL is honestly intimidating me a bit but i'll give it a try. It's the least I can do for your amazing charity work!!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that CiL is helping organ donation families, too. I think that's an excellent fit for the mission.

    I like how you used extra blocks as cornerstones; I'll have to remember that technique.

    The Passacaglia music is just like the quilt pattern...increasingly complex with an overwhelming sense of "no way am I patient enough to make that." :)

  4. beautiful quilts and such an awesome cause

  5. That is just beautiful, Kat! Love the idea of the hot-and-cold blocks!!

  6. Congrats! on TWO wonderful finishes!!!

  7. Those blocks make a really neat design when put together! I'll have to remember that! So interesting to hear about the CiL quiilts also going to families of organ donors. I know they will really be apprerciated!

  8. You are such an angel for finishing up all these quilts. They all look great. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  9. Great idea for blocks, lovely finishes!

  10. Your post is inspiring. My Dad had a lung transplant in 2005. The donor's wife reached out in a letter to tell us a bit about her husband and her loss. We were grateful for their gift as it gave Dad a few more years with us. That feeling of what the donors family must go through has never been overlooked. I will seek out charities in Boston like yours to get involved. Nurses see so much pain and heartache. You are truly a gift.

  11. Such an amazing quilt! If you were looking for additional information on the Passacaglia I'd suggest La Passacaglia Beginners Guide