Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Block Drive: Flying Home


Hello Covered in Love stitchers!  Who's ready for a new block drive? This one is a flying geese block and will run November through December.  Some nice spring-y colors to get us through the cold, dark winter.  Information on where to send the blocks at the bottom of this post ;)

The color scheme for this block drive is soft, purple-y greys and blues and violets; try to let the palette above guide you.  You can add a bit more blue as long as it is a soft grey-blue or purple-blue (the blue in my example block has quite a bit more violet in it than it looks in the pictures).  Overall the effect should be muted and subdued, similar to what we did in the long 9s quilts, albeit with different colors.

For each block you'll need 4 fabrics, 2 solids and 2 prints.  Each set of four geese will be made from a solid and a print.  From one solid and one print cut a 7.25" square. From the other solid and print cut (4) 3 7/8" squares each.

Use a ruler and a pencil to mark diagonal lines on the backs of the small squares, then place two of them onto the larger square as shown.  (Be sure you pair a solid and a print together, not two prints or two solids).

Sew 1/4" on either side of the marked line.

Cut along the line and press. Then place the next squares as shown.

Again sew on either side of the line.

Cut the geese apart along the pencil line and press. Then sew into columns.  Sew the columns together as shown. The one on the left should point down, right side points up.  The block should finish at 12.5" square.

(If you prefer to make your geese by a different method that's fine! Each goose should be 3.5"x6.5" unfinished or 3"x6" finished.)

(Edited to Add: View some finished quilts here)

I know many of your are old hats at these block drives, but for anyone who's new to Covered in Love, we give quilts to patients who pass away at a hospital in east Texas.  Family members can take the quilts home with them to wrap up in afterward.  Anyone can participate in the block drives and make as few or as many blocks as you like.  Email or leave a comment (make sure I can reach you) for a mailing address or if you have any questions!

You can check out finished quilts from previous block drives here.


  1. Love the colors. There will be some beautiful quilts with the pattern you’ve chosen

  2. So soft and pretty! We haven't done subdued colors in a while. I have some great purples to use for these blocks :)

  3. I'm ready to start searching my stash for some of these colors. I love flying geese & these blocks will make beautiful quilts for the families.

  4. I love making Flying Geese, but not with this method. Please mention the dimension of the geese so that they can be made with an alternate method.

    1. Katie, she did: (If you prefer to make your geese by a different method that's fine! Each goose should be 3.5"x6.5" unfinished or 3"x6" finished.)

  5. I’ll have to dig deep for this color palette! Not sure if my bins hold any.

  6. So, I got confused while cutting. Are we doing all dark geese on light background, or can we have light on dark, too?