Thursday, October 18, 2018

Priscilla's Pretty Quilts

I'd have to go pretty far back in the archives to figure out when Priscilla from Connecticut first began sending me UFO blocks and tops for Covered in Love.

Like many (dare I say most) quilters Priscilla suffers from the accumulation of decades of unfinished projects, more than could ever be completed.

I'm only too happy to help! Most of Priscilla's quilts are scrappy with a vintage vibe and many of them are quite large.  They're perfect for the mostly-older crowd CiL distributes to.

I quilted this Flying Geese quilt and the star one below.

Both of these measure in the 70"x95" range and are gorgeously scrappy.  All of these were in the delivery I made yesterday, bringing CiL up past the 400 quilts mark!

Some of the quilts are smaller, but no less beautiful.

This neat 3D geese quilt must have an interesting story. It has a label written on one of the pinwheels dated 2008 from someone named Jeanne.

Just goes to show, each quilt eventually finds its home!

blocks from Priscilla, assembled and quilted by Kathy
PS- Here's your weekly kitten :) They are 4 weeks old now and doing great. This week they upgraded from being confined to the bath tub to having full range of the bathroom. They are all total cuddle-bugs :)

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 300 so far! The Sept/Oct drive is a repeat of one of my old favorites, the grown-up eye-spy quilt.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved.

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  1. oh that kitten is completely adorable !!!

  2. There are a lot of beautiful color coordinated quilts out there, but scrap quilts make my heart sing!

  3. Priscilla's work is gorgeous! So much eye candy. And she helped push CiL over the 400 mark, woo hoo!! Many thanks to her :)

  4. Awesome quilts and photos! Thank you for the inspiration. Love, love scrap quilts.

  5. The quilts are great! It seems like you went from 300 to 400 awfully fast. These are all such wonderful scrappiness. Thanks for sharing what you are doing.

  6. Please send me you address for mailing blocks!

    1. Hi Lois! Unfortunately your privacy settings are set so I cannot see your email mail. Please email

  7. It's hard to believe you are over the 400 quilt mark. It seems like it was just recently that you were celebrating reaching 300. Priscilla's quilts aere wonderful. I really love the star quilt/

  8. Congratulations on reaching 400 quilts! As we promote your charity & word gets out to more quilters with big hearts, you will meet milestones like that quicker & quicker. So glad your organization keep growing. Thanks to Priscilla for all those beautiful quilts. She has a great eye for color combinations.
    You & kitty made me laugh out loud. You've done a great job in getting them started in life & they will love you forever because of it. I know they are a handful but I bet it's very rewarding to see them grow.