Thursday, January 28, 2016

February Block Drive: Split 9s

Hello quilters! After our January hiatus I am (almost) caught up and ready for another quilt drive in February.  In case you've forgotten, or your new around here, most months I post a block design so that anyone can participate in Covered in Love.

Covered in Love provides quilts to the families of patients who pass away in the hospital. And while we love to receive finished quilts and tops I realize that that's a big commitment for most of us.  Block drives give everyone who wants to the ability to contribute at a comfortable level, one block or twenty, and together we make awesome quilts!

For February we are making split nine patch blocks using the above color scheme.  Theses are easy blocks; I have a simple tutorial below.  If you want to participate email me or comment (make sure I can reach you) for my mailing address!  Try to post mark your blocks by the last day of the month, but if you're running late that's usually fine. Just send me an email so I know there are more blocks still in the mail.

(Edited to Add: View some finished quilts here)

Our color scheme this month has lights and darks. The light fabrics are cream, off white and soft greys.  The dark fabrics are evergreen, dark sea-foam green, navy, denim, and dark grey.  Make sure there is plenty of contrast between your dark and light fabrics.

For each block you'll need:
(3) 4.5" light squares
(4) 4.5" dark squares
(1) 5" light square
(1) 5" dark square

Take the 5" light square and mark a diagonal line along the back corner to corner. Place it right sides together with the 5" dark square and sew 1/4" on either side of the marked line.  Cut along the line to yield 2 half square triangles.  Press toward the darker fabric and trim to 4.5" square.

Layout your block as shown above, with the darks on one side and lights on the other.  If you are making several blocks you can swap half square triangles between them to increase variety.  Sew together in rows and press.  All done!  The block should measure 12.5" square.

Click here to see some of the 18 (yes, 18!) block drive quilts we made last year.  Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support my little charity!

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  1. I need to do some of these--I always love the results!

  2. I'm off to see if I have colors that will work for this month's block!

  3. 3 blocks are on their way to you in today's mail, for some reason this color scheme was a real challenge for my stash. Makes me think that I've lost a box of fabric somewhere...

  4. Hi Kat,
    I put 6 blocks into the mail yesterday. Love the sailing quilt.
    Barbara W