Friday, May 27, 2016

Bold and Bright Lattice Quilts

Happy Friday! School is back in session for me for the summer and I'm currently in the "denial" phase of coping.  This week I did some quilting to procrastinate reading pharmacology and got the first two of April's block drive quilts done.

These two quilts are essentially the same, finishing at a generous 56"x77".  There will still be an odds and ends quilt to come from similar blocks, but I'm still having fun playing with the layout on that one.

One of these quilts got an overall stipple. The backing for this one was a dark purple that showed every stitch so I wanted to use an FMQ design I was confident with!

The other quilt got more elaborate FMQ, with ribbon candy in the strings and flowers in the diamonds.  These were both quilted on my new-to-me FMQ machine, if you missed the Wednesday post go meet Schuyler! This one had a nice bright turquoise backing.

We've gotten some more quilts from the H2H drive in the past couple weeks.  Opening up these packages is so much fun!  Also, kudos to our mail lady who managed to shove 2 whole quilts into our mailbox the other day.  (They weren't damaged, I really mean it. Kudos to her-- saved me a trip to the post office to pick them up!)  Thank you to Carol, Adele, Mina, Jan, Jamie, and Ann whose quilts arrived recently.

The June block drive post went up yesterday so if you want to support Covered in Love this month please sew along!  Remember, Covered in Love gives quilts of comfort to the families of patients who pass away in the hospital. You can find more details on the main page here.  If you want to participate leave a comment (make sure I can see your email address!) or email me at for a mailing address.

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  1. Oh, Kat, they are gorgeous!! I literally clapped my hands and squealed when I saw the first photo :) And your FMQ looks great on the second quilt. Good job to you and Schuyer both!

    I know these colors aren't for everyone, but for those who love bold and bright these quilts will be so welcome. I can't wait to see your odds and ends one, too.

  2. Lovely, summery quilts Kat. Love them both.
    I have a WIP that I started a couple of years ago with this same pattern. It makes me want to take it out and work on it.

  3. Kat, these are stunning quilts. You must ask for those squares another color. I missed out on helping with this one and it looks great. You are awesome and I'm so glad you are enjoying Schuyer. What a wonderful project to pull blocks from around the community and sew them into something coordinated and special! I remain in awe of you!

  4. These are beautiful! I just love all the pink. :)

  5. Such lovely quilts - haven't seen this done with the strippy centre - really lovely!

  6. Congrats! on those lovely April Block Drive quilts. I'm looking forward to trying out that block on a quilt for myself!!

  7. Those look great!
    you picked some super fun colors!
    Why in the world are you studying pharmacology? yikes! I had plenty of that in pharmacy school... : )

  8. Nice to see my blocks play nicely with other blocks:) Would also like to do a repeat in another color scheme as fatcat suggested

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  10. I would like to participate in your Block Drive quilts please. Thanks, Cindy Nelson