Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Meet Schuyler

Schuyler (pronounced Skylar) is my new-to-me free motioning machine!  She came home at the end of April and we've been getting to know one another.  Nancy (no-blog) is a local quilter who was one of the first people to reach out to me and support Covered in Love with blocks, tops, and friendship.  When she upgraded to a long arm last year the gave her old mid arm machine to a friend, who subsequently moved to a smaller house and the machine and accompanying table needed to be re-homed again.  Nancy offered her to me and I couldn't say yes fast enough!

Besides the luxury of more throat space, the 8 foot long table also allowed my to join to wonderful world of doing my cutting on a table rather than the floor!  I've quilted about half a dozen quilts or so on Schuyler, now.  We had some bumps starting out, but now we're a smooth-running team. One thing I learned: this machine is happiest when she goes fast!  This works out well since my preferred quilting speed is just shy of mach 1.

Most recently I've been quilting up the April Covered in Love block drive quilts.  Rory has been tons of help of course.  In the picture below she's giving me that reproachful look because I wanted to quilt on that sandwich and she wanted to play in it.

This month has been sooo fun as the H2H quilts have been coming in along with CiL's May block drive.  If you want to participate and make some May blocks there is still time!


  1. Hey!! There's my block front and center!! I thought I recognized that orange with purple dots. :o))

  2. Congratulations on your new quilting friend/machine! How did you choose the name Schuyler? I'm so glad she's allowing you to quilt more and faster :)

  3. That could come in handy only done a few FMQ projects and on my normal machine they are a lot of work. Want to save and get me a long arm.

  4. I am so excited for you! You are such a dedicated charity quilter... always nice to see good things come to the deserving...