Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Big Delivery for Covered in Love

Today was an exciting day! I delivered 18 new quilts to the hospital and had lunch with the chaplains to catch up. The quilty donations from Hands 2 Help for Covered in Love have started to really roll in. Thanks to Anita, Bernie, and Beryl for their quilts!  Also huge thanks to Becky who also found me through Hands to Help.  Realizing that she lived relatively close, rather then pay shipping she drove to meet me part way and deliver nine beautiful quilts!

Becky's H2H quilts for Covered in Love

With the H2H quilts added to our usual block drive quilts and donation odd and ends the Cat-Free Quilt-Staging-Area was soon overflowing. Time for a hospital delivery!  Usually I bring quilts along with me on days I work, so when I drop them off with the chaplains we are all "on duty" and being pulled in many directions at once. It was nice to come in on a day off and actually sit down to talk.

"...the quilt is very beautiful [...] Angels were in her room 
and they caressed the quilt with compassion and love.  
The Spirit of God and his Holy Angels were in her room 
as the waves of love encompassed my mother like ocean waves.  
As she took her last breath there was beauty and peace 
and at the speed of sound Mama was wrapped up in the 
arms of Jesus as he welcomed her home.

PS- Tell the quilters to keep up the good work."

They got to hear more details about who you all are and how the quilts come together and I got to hear some recent stories from their deliveries.  I got a photocopy of a sweet letter from a grateful daughter which I shared in part above.

Today's delivery brought us up to 84 quilts for grieving families.  Thank you to each and every person who has contributed.  Your kindness has ripples you'd never expect. The Chaplains who deliver the quilts, the security guards who occasionally let me in to get a quilt for a family after hours, nurses caring for dying patients, and the local mail clerks have heard our stories and been amazed by your generosity.


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog, and looking for instructions for the May quilt block for your Covered in Love project, and your mailing address. Your efforts, and your blog are fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the update and the opportunity to help grief-stricken families. You started a VERY good thing!!

  3. Thanks for the update and the opportunity to help grief-stricken families. You started a VERY good thing!!

  4. Wow, look at that stack! I'm so happy to hear that word of your great charity is spreading. Thank you once again, Kat, for your hard work and the time you spend especially to share back with us how the quilts are received. I know I speak for many of us when I say that we don't do it for the thanks, but the thanks can really make our day!

  5. Kat I am thankful to be able to help with your charity. I pray that the quilts bring comfort to those facing the end of their life and their families. Becky