Saturday, April 30, 2022

May/June CiL Block Drive

Hello Quilters! It's the beginning of Summer and time for the May/June CiL Block Drive.  We're going to be doing a fun block that I saw around the internet recently, it originated with sushi.farmer on instagram. 

photo by JessicaQuilter

This is called the "Scrappy Pixel" block and we are making a version inspired by JessicaQuilter with only one color on each side of the midline. This will be one to get into your scrap bins for! The photo above is of 4 blocks put together and I have made a template below to help you with arranging your blocks. 

Each block is made from (36) 2.5" squares. Start by laying out 6 dark (basically black) squares down the midline. Then place 2 very light squares into the two empty corners and (2) more low volume (but not quite as light) squares onto the diagonal in each corner.  From there sort the scraps of your two chosen colors into three categories based on saturation from dark to pastel.  These are arranged with darks nearest the middle and lights close to the corner squares. 

You can assemble the blocks by sewing together strips and then columns, or by sewing together nine patches and then joining those. However you like and find convenient is fine. 

The finished blocks should measure 12.5" (unfinished).

I can't wait to see all your blocks! I have to admit I'm partial to the drives where you can't tell where one block ends and the next begins.

For anyone new to Covered in Love, we run these block drives every two months and have been since 2015. Anyone can participate and make as few or as many blocks as you like. Email for the address and get your blocks in the mail by the end of June.  Our blocks are combined together into quilts to be given to the families of dying patients in East Texas hospitals to bring comfort in a dark time.


  1. Oh! What beautiful quilts will be made from these blocks, Kat!!!

  2. At first glance I see this as a slight challenge for me. I'm up to the task & will see how I do on this block. Looks like there will be lots of options for different block placement so should make for beautiful quilts.

  3. My May is pretty busy, but hopefully I can get some done in June. I have trouble getting blocks like these to come out the right size since having so many seams shrinks the block up. But I'll give it a try.

  4. My blocks will be in the mail tomorrow. This was a fun and challenging block to create.