Sunday, November 1, 2020

Nov/Dec CiL Block Drive

Hello quilters, welcome to the 2020 Nov/Dec Covered in Love Block Drive! For anyone who may be new, basically CiL is a charity that makes quilts for patients dying in the hospital. I run a block drive every two months where anyone can participate and make as many or as few blocks as you wish. Scroll to the bottom of the post for more details if you'd like to participate!

For the end of the year (gosh I can't believe it's the end of the year already!) we are going to be making these pretty Sunflower blocks. It will be a nice little bit of sunshine in the winter months.  This block tutorial originally appeared here from Molli Sparkles, but I've sized it down.  The color scheme comes from my Nurture Bee friend Jenny.

For each 12.5" block (made of 4 mini blocks) you'll need:

  • (16) 1.5" brown squares
  • (4) 4.5" black squares
  • assorted 1.5" wide white/cream and golden yellow strings

Please choose whites, very low volumes, and light creams for the white, black tone on tone or black and white for the blacks, mid- to golden yellows, and rich browns.

The angle you attach the yellow and white strips together at DOES matter, so make sure to pay attention and make sure yours slant the right direction. 

I found it easier to sew together longer pieces and then trim them down to 4.5" units.  This image is to show you how to make sure the slanted part is centered when you're trimming it.  Measuring from where the colors intersect, each one should be 3" on its longer edge and 1.5" on its shorter edge.

You'll need (16) of these yellow/white units.

Start putting together the mini blocks like this.  Remember to pay attention to the orientation of the strip units. 

Each mini block should measure 6.5" unfinished.  Sew four of them together to make a 12.5" unfinished block.

Throw back to my original orange boy, Thor

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend and you're staying warm, wherever you are! Cold weather has arrived very suddenly and very wet here.

The current drive runs November through December, so blocks should be in the mail by the end of December.  Email if you need the address to mail blocks. 



  1. That cat is hilarious!!
    Very interesting block
    Will make beautiful quilts

  2. I really like this block! It's quite intricate and compelling. I think I'll make a few this go-round :)

  3. Well, this block looks challenging to me but I know I can make it. I really like the colors in the block & will see what I have that I can use to make some.
    Curious cats are so hilarious!

  4. As Nicki said, this one looks challenging, but I'll give one a try and see how it goes. Love the cat in the pumpkin photo. Great work by Pam.