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Hello NURTURE circle members, new and old! Hopefully, if this works right, you will all be able to see this tutorial since you have the link and none of my blog readers will be able to find it and get confused with the Jan/Feb block drive.

Each of you will make 2 strip panels, from which you'll cut 6 small blocks and join those together into 3 finished blocks.  This quilt is based on "Diamonds in the Sky" by Melissa Lunden in Scraps, Inc., Vol I.

Start with (2) 1.5" strips of bright white, each at least 26" long.  Pull scrap strips (2.5" and less) in various widths and at least 26" long.  Our color scheme is "Peanut butter and jelly", so look for warm browns and rich, berry-colored blues, reds, and purples. 

Build panels of same-colored strings at least 4.75" wide and 26" long and press.  Sew two differently colored panels onto either side of a white strip to make a set 10" wide.

You may notice in the pictures my strips are sewn together with a 45 degree stagger on the ends.  That's because I was trying to get away with using shorter scrap strips.  Just, trust me, it's not worth it.  If the strips are 26" long you can sew them together with the ends even and everything will be so much easier.  Do as I say, not as I did ;)

Using masking tape (I only had duck tape) or a washable marker mark off a 5"x9" square on one of your rulers.  Line up the ruler so that the SHORT sides of the string triangles cross the ruler lines at 1 & 3/8" (see photo, the important thing is that the measurement is the same on both sides). 

Put down another strip of tape along the edge of the white strip as a guide.

Get the ruler lined up so that there is fabric under the whole area and the diagonal strip is aligned.  Then trim the edges. 

After trimming the edges I used another ruler to cut off a 5"x9" rectangle. 

Then repeat the process.

You should be able to get 3 rectangles per strips set, but if you can get more please send them along.  You'll also generate scrap strip triangles. Please send those along as well and I will use them later.

For the second strip set the cuts will be a mirror image to the first, so you can make rigth- and left-handed blocks.  You can use the same taped ruler by just flipping it upside down.

If you've done it right your blocks should match up, as shown below.

Cut (3) 9" long strips of the same 1.5" wide white fabric as before.  Sew the blocks together in pairs with the white strip between, rearranging and flipping the blocks so that the colors end up in different positions.  There are bias edges all over the place, so be careful and please sew a line of stay stitching around the edge to protect them.  Should be 10.5"x9"

See the email for mailing address.  Thank you all!

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