Monday, August 30, 2010

Photos of Summer

I went to summer camp with this cutie. He is happy, talkative, and VERY active!

With the return to classes and the search for a real job my desire to quilt has returned as well. I spent tonight drawing out a paper piecing pattern (the old fashioned way, with a pencil and ruler) for a mariner's compass quilt and I'm going shopping tomorrow. Before I dive back into quilting related posts, I want to dedicate this post to some photos from my summer. It's been one to remember.

For the end of July and beginning of August I spent 3 weeks crewing on the tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain in the Puget Sound. The Chieftain is on the right in this photo, the Lady Washington on the left. I really enjoyed wearing jackets and longsleeves during what are the hottest 3 weeks of the year for Texas.

Back tomorrow with quilting news!

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  1. WOW! Sounds like an amazing summer! What an unbelievable opportunity to crew on a tall ship!