Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer of the UFO continues

The double irish chain quilt has been lying around for a while mostly quilted, just lacking the bindings. Somewhere along the way it became a dog quilt, or an inbetween-the-layers sort of quilt. It has more issues than I care to list, but it still works perfectly well to keep you warm :)

I have been practicing freemotion quilting in the open squares when the mood strikes me, but I decided I can do that with the binding on. So, I sewed together all the bits of binding I had leftover from previous projects - everything from bold checkerboards to subdued dark solids - put the binding on and washed it. It's a nice size quilt and I like the colors; it's so nice to finally have it done!

The plume top is layered and in the process of quilting so with any luck I'll have another one finished soon!

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