Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas Quilts finally delivered!

Today (yes, several weeks late) I finally delivered this year's "Christmas Quilts" to their recipients. I made two quilts for a couple of men I work with a lot in the community theater. The one I am showing first is a Carpenter's Star pattern made with Kona solids for the stars and some lightly patterned browns for the background.

I make my carpenter's stars with Y seams rather then "cheating" with a slightly different pattern to get away with only squares and half-square triangles (example here, notice how every other one of the center squares are larger). As you can see I made 5 whole stars, 4 halves and 4 quarters, and oh, my! The Y seams! I'm afraid after this that I can't even look at another Y seam for at least a year.

One of the issues with this quilt was that the guy I made it for is 78" tall (that's 6'6") so a normal sized throw quilt would have been a toe warmer! I added a zigzag border on two ends to make it longer in that dimension and then put a 5" border all the way around. It ended up about 90"x73ish" (somehow one short end is 71" while the other is 75". Don't even ask me how I lost 4 inches. I have no idea.)

This is what the partially pinned quilt looked like when I quit for the night and went to bed. I had to cover the parts that were already pinned because Wilson (my cat) tries to grab the pins and run off with them. Of course, since they are attached to the quilt, that doesn't work so well and he ends up tugging on the fabric. He's a nut.

All wrapped up with a label and ready to gift!

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  1. Beautiful quilt! Good for you for tackling Y-seams - so much nicer.