Thursday, January 9, 2014

Finished! Pretty Pink Quilt and Bag

I'm really getting addicted to making baby quilts.  This time it all started because I ordered a FQ set of Lotta Jansdotter "Glimma" fabrics in oh-so-soft pink from Tactile Fabrcics.  I combined them with some pink polka dots I've had in my stash forever and a nice crisp white and the next thing you know, there's a quilt!  And of course once you have a baby quilt you need a diaper bag... It's like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" around here.

I made this quilt using the same design technique as for the Wonky Square-in-Square blocks for my group's do. Good Stitches quilt.  I made these blocks finish at 12" instead of 10" (just increase the size of the original cuts of fabric in the tutorial by 2"). The quilt uses 4 sets of 3 blocks each.

I found a nice lilac in my stash to round out the fabrics in the top and use for binding.  Honestly, I think every one knows that I am NOT a "pink" sort of a girl, but I LOVE this quilt.

I did FMQ on the quilt using the "Swirls" pattern from Angela Walters book.  The FMQ gives the quilt a wonderful drape and delicious texture. Finished it measures just under 36"x48", perfect for a crib quilt.

Ever since I made my first Cooper Carry-All bag I've thought it would make the perfect diaper bag.  Making the wonky squares blocks generates quite a few 1-2" rectangular scraps so put 2 and 2  together and made a matching diaper back with scraps from the quilt.  I use my favorite textured grey woven fabric for the body of the bag.

I quilted a few lines of pink stitching, which pop beautifully against the grey fabric.  Everything is back-stitched, top-stitched, and double-stitched, so the bag should stand up to years of use and multiple washings (babies are messy!)

I added a top zipper to the bag as well as a zippered pocket inside.  (The zippers are not in the original pattern but they are easy enough to add).

Six big pockets along the out side for keeping must-have items in reach.  If you haven't bought the pattern and made one these bags yet you really should. They are the best!

The quilt and bag are listed in my Etsy shop, together or separate, ready to go to a new home!

Lining up to Finish it Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful items! Love the fabrics, the grey and pink is superb.

  2. What a sweet set! I especially love the diaper bag. I love bags and making them, and somehow hadn't seen this one before. A zipper pocket somewhere is a must for moms!

  3. That bag is just very professional! Love your colors!

  4. Oh the lilac with pink, yum. The bag is great too, with the mesh lining and zipper. Very professional. Was it hard to sew on?? Get caught in the foot like it would for me??
    LeeAnna Paylor

  5. The polka dots and stitching on your diaper bag are sweet!! Pretty baby quilt! Purple is my new fave color;)

  6. These are beautiful. I almost wish I was having a baby so I could buy them.

  7. I'm not generally in to pink either, but I love these! Especially with the gray for the bag

  8. I'm not a 'pink' person either, but I love that quilt, and the bag looks so handy as a diaper bag. Excellent work.