Friday, August 29, 2014

Quilters Are the Nicest People

Quilters are the nicest people, and I have the proof!  Remember the 10 Quilty Secrets post from a week ago?  One of my secrets involved my love of scraps, but a lot of other people admitted that they never use their scraps, some even throw them away! 

I tried to get Wilson to pose for some perspective but was being contrary.  It's probably 12" square and 18" tall!
Judy from Quilt Paradigm said she only keep her scraps because she knows she is supposed and generously offered to send me some of hers. This big ol' box showed up today!

Look at that, full up to the top with beautiful Oakshots, batiks, and prints.

I spent a good four hours sorting, pressing, and trimming my way through this box like a kid in a candy store.  Holy cow, what a haul!  I have already separated out fabrics for a few projects that immediately came to mind and bagged them up, can't wait to get started.

Thank you Judy!!


  1. Wow, how generous. I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed by scraps and cannot "see" a quilt in them. I tend to go for collections of fabrics for my quilts. I'm hoping to develop the ability to pull fabrics from different collections together with more experience.

  2. Las personas que no guardan sus restos no saben lo que se pierden. Ese un tesoro fabuloso! Saludos

  3. I foresee many hours of fun in your future. Someone else's scraps are always more fun than your own.

  4. Wow! I'm so jealous! Don't tell my family that though, LOL Enjoy :)

  5. Very generous. I bet Judy will much prefer to see her scraps being used than to have them taking up her precious storage space :)

    I was also serious about sending scraps, if you would like some more. I don't have much, but scraps stress me out. What is the smallest scrap size that you would happily use? I will be going through all of my things in the next couple of weeks and doing a clear out.


  6. Yes, you have right! I know already, but from another perspective that quilters are the nicest people.
    I can't wait to see the beautiful quilts made out from this treasure!

  7. Yes, Judy does prefer seeing those scraps being used! :) Kind of fun to see what was actually in the box - I was just tossing from various nooks and crannies ;) Enjoy!!

  8. oh my.... that is a box of goodness!!!