Thursday, November 13, 2014

Strings in Action

If you remember last post I had sorted my overflowing string scraps by color. I decided to start tackling them by taking the two largest piles and making a traditional style string quilt.

I am foundation piecing on top of phone book pages to make 6.5" blocks of my true-blue (not teal) and brown scraps.  I had really hope for bigger blocks, more like 8.5", but I live in a rather rural area and even by bumming a phone book from the nearest city I was only able to get a book just under 7" wide. So far 46 of a hoped-for 130 blocks are done.

The fun part of a quilt like this is deciding on the layout. From the traditional diamonds in the top picture to zig zags or a growing echo-diamond.

At this point I think I like the traditional small diamonds best, but I am reserving judgement until I have more blocks to rearrange and look at. 

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  1. Great use of scraps, I need to do this someday :)

  2. I love the colors you are using. The second layout really intrigues me... like rippling water on a sunny day. All of them are lovely, though.

  3. The top layout is definitely best! A very graphic effect from a distance. I love blue and brown together; they are "homies".

  4. I love string blocks! Every so often I just have to make some. I use phone books, too, but newspaper is okay for larger blocks. A little gray on my fingers, but no problems on the blocks. So many fun ways to set them!

  5. How cool that you there are so many possibilities for exactly the same blocks. Personally, I like the last one.