Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friday Finish, with Ruffles!

Todays Friday Finish is a special one for a special family.  The Nalles are adopting again!  A few years ago I sent a quilt to their little boy Aaron, so this quilt is for his future sister.

Harper is coming from an eastern European country where it is hard to be an orphan, especially one with any special needs. Sometime this Spring, hopefully, she will know the love of a family for the first time.

This quilt used the same techniques as this one I made before.  A focus fabric to pull colors from and strip piecing, each strip quilted differently.

Also, like the first one, I used ruffles.  Such a fun, textural touch for a girly quilt.

I really enjoy quilting like this, using a variety of patterns in the same quilt. The most time consuming by far was the flower petals design I did on the focal fabric. The rest were all quite quick. I even did one brand new (to me) design, beads on a string.

The quilt has a cozy flannel back with cute novelty designs.

I had to piece the back since it finished at around 46" x 61".

The Sweetgums are just brilliantly yellow right now. They are trying to make up for those little sticker balls they drop all year round with their beautiful colors.

The Nalles are struggling to raise the amount of money it will take to cross the ocean and bring Harper home. Please go read their story and donate if you can! You will helping to change the life of a little girl forever.

Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts Friday Finishes.


  1. such a beautiful quilt, one I'm sure that beautiful little girl will love!!

  2. What a great friend you are! The quilt and the little girl are both adorable.

  3. Such a sweet quilt, Kat! And a really wonderful work, the AngelTree. Thanks for the link!