Thursday, April 16, 2015

Rail Fence Quilts for Covered in Love

Back when I made one of my very first posts about Covered in Love a generous local quilter contacted me with a donation of four rail fence quilt tops and matching fabric for backings.  Thank you, Nancy! All I have had to do was sandwich and quilt the them.

One quilt was light purple and white, very feminine, the rest were masculine.  All about 55"x65", perfect size.

These quilt tops were from an old charity sewing circle that no longer sews. The tops were lost for years and later found. 

Their original custodian did not want them any more, so she gave them to Nancy and Nancy gave them to me :)

I just stippled all 4 quilts for speed and simplicity.  I've been working on them for a while and just finally got the 4th one done.

Check out the awesome novelty fabric used in one of the quilts.  I think it's important for these quilts to have some fun in them since they will inevitably be given at a sad time. 

These will go to the hospital with the next batch of Covered in Love quilts soon!

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  1. Wonderful! It is like getting to close the book when you finish something long undone...well done on your and their part!

  2. Those quilts are going to be happy to be loved. How nice for you to finish them up!