Monday, October 12, 2015

Slowly Sewing Strings

I was in the mood for some easy, mindless sewing the past few days. Fortunately folks have been sending me lots of strings blocks for Covered in Love.

These are so quick to run through the machine and put together.

I wasn't the only one feeling lazy ;)

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  1. String blocks always look good, don't they? And I like your manly quilt in the post below a lot too. Thanks for the comment on my blog (

  2. String blocks are so relaxing--I love doing them. Then there is that magical moment after you trim them when you turn them over...! :)

  3. Mindless sewing is so good for the soul sometimes! What great string blocks.

  4. Rory is doing some serious napping! "Mindless sewing".............
    I like that and need to do more of it :)

  5. I haven't popped in here in a little bit, and I've missed so much! You have been sewing up a storm, girl! When I read scrappy, string or improv, I get positively giddy, and you are hitting it all. You do so many kind works for so many. I cheer you on!