Saturday, March 12, 2016

Arranging and Rearranging

I worked 4 days this past week, but before and inbetween I've gotten some sewing done.  The second Feb Split 9s quilt top was arranged and sewn together.

I had 7 split 9s blocks left and after staring at them for a while on the wall next to the Forest QAL blocks my do. Good Stitches bee mates made I decided the two belonged together.

I got into my scraps and made up enough neutral 9 patches to finish the top.  My initial scrap sort-and-cut was only 3 patches short of the total amount I needed! I began playing with all three types of blocks on the design wall.

This one has gone through a lot of iterations. I like to put it on the wall and stare at it for a while.  I actually don't have pictures of the first couple arrangements.

I made an extra split 9 block.

And finally I think I've settled on this arrangement with the double bend.  But I haven't sewn it all together yet, so it may change again. We'll see.

Finally, with the Tyler Quilt Guild show coming up next weekend I finally got the crumb quilt done! Full finish post coming on this one next Friday.

Also, could someone please explain to me how this little peanut grew into a big cat overnight?  I swear it was just yesterday she was palm sized!

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  1. Both quilts look AWESOME!! And... I think I may have spotted my block this time. :o))

  2. Amazing what such simple blocks can turn into! I love the third quilt with the animals and low volume blocks. So pretty!

  3. I love to see all the creative ways you use your blocks. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Kittens grow too quickly :( But my she has turned into a pretty young lady cat. Your slit 9's look great. I always love seeing what you do with the blocks.

  5. LOVE the Split Nines quilt! I also love what you did with the leftover blocks - what a great way to combine 2 (or 3) very different blocks, and end up with an incredible quilt! But I'm glad that you saved the crumb one for last - it's STUNNING!!! (When do you sleep?) ;-)

  6. Wow Kat you have achieved alot with also working four days. Love the split nine patch quilt but oh my the left over blocks with the animal blocks-what a stunning combination. Love the double bend. Rory certainly did grow quickly and is very pretty.

  7. Both the quilts look great - those animal blocks are gorgeous! Looking forward to reading all about your crumb quilt on Friday!

  8. Your split nine patch is looking great. I made one of those in November last year with a slightly different layout. Love your animals too, the nines just add another great dimension to it.

  9. I'm late to this party but I'm glad my block isn't sticking out like a sore thumb! The split 9 addition was genius!