Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spring Greens

Spring Greens is what I'm calling this quilt. No, it's not spring. I wish it was!  It's summer and hot as blazes. This pretty green top that Jannette sent in for Covered in Love just screams Spring though, don't you think?  This one was also quilted by Meloney on her long arm.

I received a lovely thank you email from a family member of a Covered in Love quilt recipient today that I want to share with you.

"You truly touched my family's heart through CIL. My mom was critically ill in the ICU when she received a beautiful quit. This quilt was with her until she passed and now it sits in her favorite chair at our home in our living room."

 Thank you to every single person who has contributed to CiL. These thanks belong to all of you!

In the photo above you can see the design Meloney used, daisies in swirling lines.  I really like this design and think it compliments the quilt top really well.  This quilt has already been taken up to the hospital for Covered in Love, it was part of the last donation that put us up over 200 quilts. Yes 200! I'm planning a proper celebration this Fall for that milestone.

I had the perfect backing for this top, bought on sale some time ago, and finally found its home!  I really like how this design looks fairly complicated when it's just a simple alternating grid of two blocks (and one of them isn't even a pieced block). (ETA: Jannette says it's a Project Linus pattern called Warm Wishes and you can find it HERE.)

Finished, photographed, folded and ready for delivery :) Thank you Jannette and Meloney!

The new Covered in Love block drive just began and it's a red, white, and blue star free-for-all.  This drive will run until the end of August if you want to help out.  More info here

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  1. Congrats! regarding CiL's new milestone (and this newly completed quilt.) Looking forward to seeing what you've got up your sleeve for a celebration!

  2. Congratulations on CIL's milestone. I enjoy reading your posts and also wanted to let you know that when you post a photo of the quilts, it always makes me smile, I just love the two logs you use to prop up the quilts. I wish I could do that but unfortunately there's not too many places around my house I could hang my quilts for photos. I've been asking for a clothes line and am still waiting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's a wonderful milestone, Kat, and thanks for sharing the thank you note. I'm looking forward to making some stars this week!

  4. Thank you for sharing the letter you received. You have touched so many lives with this charity. Congrats on the 200 quilt milestone! That is totally awesome!!! I love the Spring Greens quilt. It's so refreshing on these hot Texas days that we've been having. Jannette & Meloney make a great team.

  5. It does - it reminds me of planting out seedlings in the spring - the dark lines for the corners of the plant pots! And how lovely to have the visible proof that what you are doing really does matter :)

  6. Thank you so much for sharing that lovely thank you note. It isn't often we get to know exactly how our work touches the families who receive the quilts. I'm glad it gave their Mom some comfort.

    This beautiful, springy green quilt will also send some love to a family. Beautiful work by Jannette and Meloney, once again!

    200!! That's amazing, Kat! Did you ever dream CiL would be so far-reaching?

  7. You made that quilt look spectacular with the back you chose! The pattern for the quilt is called Warm Wishes, and was a Project Linus pattern years ago - here's a link to the pattern:
    I'm so thankful to be part of the success of your "baby"! You've done a great thing with your charity!

  8. Kat, I have lost the address for the blocks. Will you contact me at tamstack at g mail dot com? Thank you. Tammy