Thursday, May 10, 2018

A Cat, a Baby, and a Ferret

Super-duper block assistant
Happy Friday! I've actually had a super productive week, but not too much of it was very photogenic.  For one thing I sorted a bunch of hunter's star blocks and laid them out on the design wall so I can assembly-line sew them together later.  Probably half of them I have ready to go into tops now. I also pieced 3 string tops together and made some backings.

I also made and finished this sweet quilt from a charm pack for a little baby who was born too soon and is hanging out in the NICU for the next few months.

I just loved this charm pack, SUCH pretty colors and sweet little designs. Foxes and bunnies and birds.

For now it can go over her isolette to keep it dark and later she can wrap up in it.

I also made a couple of these reversible preemie gowns.  The baby isn't big enough yet to wear anything, but inbetween when she gets a bit bigger but can't wear clothes yet hopefully she can wear these. Like adult hospital gowns they go on easily and have room to tubes and wires to come out.  And they're cute!

the fabric line for that charm pack

My other "finish" was a ferret bed repair.

This big boy is Bubba Bear and his very favorite bed is a tent I made. Since ferrets sleep upward of 20 hours a day beds are very important to their lives.

For unknowable reasons Bubba likes to scratch at the floor of the tent and he had scratched a hole right though. 

I patched it with a couple pieces of fleece to reinforce the floor and he's already moved back in. Note the sag in the floor of the tent in the picture below, that's a sleeping ferret.

Seriously, these two.  The trouble they cause never ends.

Covered in Love is taking a break from the block drives for the next 2 months so I can catch up, but don't go anywhere! I still need your blocks. Check out details HERE.

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  1. Sweet ferrets need warm cuddly sleeping quarters! They’re lucky you are a Sew-er! Sweet baby quilt! I especially like the little gowns! How adorable! I’m sure they’ll come in very handy.

  2. Aw, Bubba Bear! All snug and cozy in his fixed up bed. Love the NICU baby quilt with the tiny, sweet animals :)

  3. It seems you must never sleep. Sewing CiL blocks, baby quilts and gowns, fixing ferret beds and a full time job! Oh My!

  4. He just wanted to see the monkey he knew was hiding underneath his bedding!

  5. Rey looks so content on those Hunter's Star Blocks. You've got good help there. Oh, the baby items are so sweet. I love the soft colors of the quilt. Looks like you don't have enough sewing to do...:) I'm sure Bubba Bear loves the new patch job on his tent bed. Those other two look like they are searching for some trouble to get into. The blocks for Briawna are a bit challenging for me (color-wise) but are fun to make. Hope she gets a lot for her quilts during this time.

  6. You really had a productive week! I am sure the quilt and gowns will bring the baby much comfort. Your ferret looks very comfortable and you have a very sweet kitty. Love the white boots.


  7. Looks like lots going on. Our granddaughter thinks the world of her ferret. Love the preemie quilt and clothing. So sweet!

  8. Those little NICU garments are so sweet, and the baby quilt turned out very well. I love your ferrets, such sweet things. I hope they don't keep you awake at night.

  9. Prayers for the babe who couldn't wait. ; )

  10. Fun projects. The little NICU gowns are darling.