Thursday, August 8, 2019

Louise to the Rescue!

String blocks by Melinda
Louise is one of Covered in Love's behind the scenes heroes. Not only is she the secretary on the board of directors (she keeps me organized) but she's always willing to take a box of blocks or UFOs to finish.  I recently sent her a big box of donated UFOs, blocks, and fabric and she's been steadily sending back quilts.

Assorted patriotic blocks, about half from Debbie H.

You can see her post where she blogged about these two quilts here along with lots more pictures.  The string blocks by Melinda were a complete set, but for the patriotic quilt above Louise combined lots of assorted blocks of different sizes with sashing and borders to make a cohesive quilt.

"T" Blocks by Priscilla
After draining the first box and turning it into four quilts Louise asked for more, so I was quick to send her another 10+lbs of orphan blocks and assorted donations!  (Be careful what you ask for!) Her blog post with more pictures of the "T" quilt is here.

Blocks mostly from Priscilla and Teresa

This pretty sampler sampler is another blended quilt, mostly made from 2 sets of blocks using sashing as needed to size them up.  (Full disclosure, I think this one is my favorite!) You can see loads more pictures on her post here.

Thank you so much to Louise for being such a big help, and to all of you who have sent in your blocks and UFOs! I've been basting and quilting some in the afternoons this week but I didn't get any thing finished so I'm glad to have her finishes to share. Hopefully more from me next week.

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 400 so far! The July/August drive is going on now.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved.

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  1. Beautiful quilts! The last 2 are my favorites.

  2. How fortunate to have Louise for a "go to gal". She has such a knack for putting together orphan blocks in such a cohesive way that they look like they were all planned to go together in one quilt. She's a real treasure & always so willing to help.
    Those quilts are so pretty and will comfort families who need love during this time in their lives.
    Sundae is doing his part to keep rested up for when he is needed to help. :)

  3. Wonderful quilts. I'm a sucker for strings - I really like the colors in that quilt.

  4. Wow, Louise is really going to town. Meanwhile, I have three star blocks to get in the mail to you.

  5. Go, Louise, go!! Those quilts ALL turned out great. SEW sweet!

  6. Wow! Louise is awesome! She finished some beautiful quilts for your wonderful charity. Thank you for all that you do.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm really enjoying the variety of fun orphan blocks that you sent to me :)

  8. I love seeing what Louise has put together for CiL! She always amazes me!

  9. Louise did a marvelous job on all of them, but I can see why that last one is a favorite. What a beautiful quilt.

  10. Wow! I would have never guessed these quilts were made from orphan blocks. These are beautiful!

  11. So many beautiful quilts! It's great to have Louise to help out so much.