Thursday, March 18, 2021

Four Finished

Four finished quilts, that came in the mail already finished!  My favorite kind.  These are being dropped off at the hospital today along with a couple dozen others.  

Alice sent in this pink and green diamond pattern quilt

I was getting some papers signed at the hospital the other day and made an impromptu visit to Chaplain Perry. They're made a serious dent in the 50 quilts I dropped off right after Christmas!  Perry said that a lot were given our during Snow-vid week and the week before.  Lots of deaths, and a few people just stressed beyond their wits who needed comfort. 

The green ivy reminds me of St. Patrick's Day this week!

As you might have seen already, in lieu of our usual bi-monthly block drive I am directing CiL's participants toward the H2H quilt drive during March and April.  

One of Mina's famous scrappy house quilts

Sarah had a neat idea for the H2H drive this year: in addition to selecting several charities to benefit she is also encouraging people to try to think of "Hometown Heroes" who they could gift a quilt to. A Hometown Hero is someone who was under extra stress or danger due to the pandemic but kept serving their community.

Everyone can probably think of someone they know, at least on friendly wave-and-smile terms who fits that description.  Sarah suggested mail carriers, teachers, or pastors as a start.  I want to suggest one more who have suffered this past year but might be forgotten: funeral home directors and staff.

Amy A. sent in her QAYG courthouse steps quilt

There was a day at work when I was taking care of post mortem arrangements for a patient.  We're supposed to have 2hrs to get a body moved so that the room can be turned over to admit another patient, but on this day the morgue was full, not just the fridges, the overflow too.  This happened more and more during the Covid surge and eventually we got a refrigerated 18-wheeler trailer, but this was before that.  The frazzled house-supervisor directed me to call the chaplains, who were helping to handle the body situation.  

I was trying to get a picture where you can see the cool stairstep quilting

I was then told that a local funeral home was offering transport, free of charge, using their vehicles to move our excess bodies to another hospital with a larger morgue until the receiving funeral homes could come get them.  The friendly young man who arrived soon after to pick up the patient said they actually called in in on his day off to do pick-ups.  

Love this bird backing Amy used. 

This funeral home paid an employee extra in order to help the hospital out of a bind.  So that an ambulance wouldn't be tied up transporting a body, so that a hospital room could be cleaned and a patient get out of the ER that much sooner, in order to help their community cope with the pandemic.  They did it just because they had the tools and resources and wanted to help, I don't think they got any other recognition.  

Linda made her string quilt in a blue and green pallette

Dealing with the increase in the number of funerals, as well as the bio-hazards associated with Covid deaths has placed funeral homes under a lot of stress this year.  If I can make a few extra quilts for Hometown Heroes I definitely know where I'll be taking them!

Shamrocks in the quilting! Again, perfect for St. Patty's Day mood

Sorry, no cat pictures this week.  Twice a year I have to drag their fancy Litter Robot litter box outside, disassemble it, and deep clean it and this was the week.  I remind myself that it's worth it for not having to scoop a litter box the rest of the year, but the cats are decidedly less cute when I've accidentally sloshed cold, sludgy, litter-pee-water over my shoes...

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 700 so far! During March/April we are supporting the Hands2Help Challenge instead of our normal block drive.  Check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. Awesome (already quilted) quilts, Kat!! :o))
    Sorry about the kitty incident. :o((
    MORE quilts are headed your way in the coming months! :o))

  2. Thank you to the shout out to Funeral Directors for what we have seen and done through the Pandemic. Being a funeral director myself, it has been difficult to work those families that have lost someone and not just covid deaths. No viewings, visitations, limited attendees at a service, no luncheons where the true healing starts, no hugs or handshakes. It breaks my heart.

    1. Bjwalsh, thank you for all your hard work in these unprecedented times. I appreciate that you are doing this important and difficult service and hope you are being gentle with yourself.

    2. Thank you Barb, I didn't know you were a funeral director. Thank you so much for your work comforting the grieving, especially through the long past year.

  3. Beautiful quilts! The bird backing makes me so happy and I hope that little peek of wings and beaks brings a smile to someone. Thanks for the reminder that funeral home folks could use some comfort right now, too.

  4. These are beautiful quilts - and your stories.... oh my - you always know it effects others... but to hear how it really effects others... Your ministry is so important.

  5. All four of those quilts are beautiful & ready to comfort a family. Thank you for the gentle reminder of difficult task the funeral home folks have. They provide such an important service to the entire family & are often times forgotten during times like this. Thank you, Kat for sharing that story with us & thanks to those who sent you the beautiful finished quilts.

  6. Beautiful quilts! Thanks, Kat, for calling our attention to the important and caring work of morticians and funeral homes. Their work does go unrecognized all too often.

  7. Nice to see these quilts today. In all the news about the everyday heroes I don't remember seeing or hearing much about the funeral directors and staff. It's hard for so many people. I'm happy I'm retired and can quilt.

  8. Yes, funeral directors and staff are, sadly, not a group that would've come to mind without your gentle nudge. Thank you for that!

  9. What a wonderful idea to remember the home town hero's!