Thursday, September 16, 2021

Cool Colors, Hot Summer

It's still hot here, just barely starting to cool down. It's a real tease, feeling the whiff of cool air in the early morning before it heats up for the day!  I have two quilts this week in a cool color palette.  This first one is a do. Good Stitches NURTURE circle quilt from a few years ago.  

Everyone made about (8) 1" wide strips joined into a panel and these were joined into the quilt top by Briawna. Ultimately life happened and the top didn't get quilted, so Pam was kind enough to finish that step.  This would be a great use of scrap strings; 1.5" is one of the sizes I cut my leftover strings to, which is what this is made with.  But I think it would be a real bear to tackle as an individual instead of a group!

This quilt came from the Sunshine Guild, who have started to support CiL.  The top was made by Peggy, quilted by Beth, and bound and mailed by Carol.  Thank you ladies, it's lovely!

I've got my annual tie-dye bug again.  I made these shirts for the sons of a friend of mine. 

Covered in Love is a 501(c)(3) charity that donates quilts to patients dying in the hospital, over 800 so far! The September/October drive is running now, check out the main post HERE if you want to get involved. 

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  1. I love the cool colors string quilt, very pretty! Especially love the tie dye! Did you start with a yellow base first and which colors did you add to get the effect? It’s beautiful 😻 I need to make some!

  2. That string quilt is stunning and so are the tie dyed shirts. Fabulous.

  3. Beautiful quilt
    what fun and happy shirts!!

  4. You tie dye very well!! so many talents you've got. That string quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I wonder if you could ever do it for CIL as a block request. It could be very interesting if the directions were transmitted somehow. I know we do 12" blocks but hmmm, this opens up possibilities perhaps. You always keep me thinking through your showing of different styles. Hope you are well and enjoying the first days of unofficial fall and pumpkin spice.

  5. AWESOME quilt, Nurture Bee and super sweet quilt, Sunshine Guild!! You are quite a talented tie dye artist, Kat. I'd by a shirt from you (if you had time to make them to sell!)

  6. I love seeing quilts from my guild! And that do.Good piece is just delicious :)

  7. Spectacular tie dye shirts
    Loving the vibrant colors!:)

  8. Such pretty quilts this week. Thanks to do. Good Stitches NURTURE circle for their beautiful donation to CiL. Of course the second one from Sunshine Guild really caught my eye because of the stars. A lot of talent & time is shown in both of these quilts.
    Your tie dyes are fabulous. I would not even know where to begin on making something like that. I guess I better do some research & see how it's done (just for knowledge....not for doing...:)