Monday, April 12, 2010

Introducing... the Thingy

I made a couple of these in January, and I had started to post this once before but didn't because I couldn't figure out a way to accurately represent what it is. This time, though, I've found a video of one in action!

What it is is a toy. A highly addictive folding, rotating block toy. There are apparently patterns available at some stores to make these. I developed a pattern from a photo of a completed one someone posted on their blog and my memories of playing with wooden and plastic ones. If you follow the links through from that video you'll come to a tutorial for making one of these completely by hand. My method is almost completely machine stitched, allowing for stronger and nicer looking seams. If I can ever figure out how to render the pattern into something two dimensional that someone else could actually understand I'll post it here.

I've made a couple of these and have the pieces for a third cut out. As you can see, I'm still in the prototyping phase. I need to get a different foam to fill the blocks so they will lay better. Even so, it's downright fun! This is actually one of the quilt-y things I am most proud of.

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