Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finish! The "Ugly" Quilt

I have been (affectionately) referring to this top as "the ugly quilt" for a long time. It was one of the very first tops I made and I just really don't like the way the colors looked once it was all together. Now that I finally got around to finishing it, I like it better. It is very soft and cuddly. The pink in this is so incredibly silky soft because it is cut from a recycled jersey sheet (and boy was that a learning experience!) I adore the way the pink looks next to the green fabric with the little pink and orangish flourishes.

This top has been sitting on a shelf for a long, long time. It was my oldest UFO. As I was getting ready to finish it I knew I wanted to back it with an old sheet but couldn't find one I liked at any of the thrift stores. Finally, I was emptying an old trunk in my parents' house and came across three great old sheet sets! So, finally backed and bound and washed, here is the blooming 9 patch, AKA the Ugly Quilt.

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